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If you’ve spent any time at all clicking around the underground music scene in the past few years then you’ve most likely seen or heard of the Boiler Room. This program has developed into perhaps the world’s most appreciated boundary-pushing music show and has become more or less synonymous with underground music.

Thris Tian is one of the original architects of the Boiler Room. He’s a dime-a-dozen sonic connoisseur who has played everywhere from London to Los Angeles, Harlem to Hiroshima, and has an arsenal of music so well-travelled it can satisfy any palette. He’s shared stages with Jamie XX, James Blake, Disclosure and many more, making himself known far and wide as a pioneer and king of the underground.

This is not an official Boiler Room show but its co-founder Thris Tian will come lay the smack down at Arkham. He’s been cave, club and warehouse hopping around the world and it’s about time we welcomed him into our lair.

Line-Up: Thris Tian, R3, ADO8, YETI B
Date: Friday, December 5th
Venue: Arkham
Address: 1 South Wulumuqi Lu
Ticket: 50RMB


电视还在直播体育赛事,Boiler Room已经用流媒体直播DJ演出现场了。短短几年时间已经改变了很多人的生活方式,足不出户在家就能收看世界各地正在发生的音乐场景。你甚至能在画面中看清楚DJ如何对拍子,就像发生在你身边的House Party。Nicolas Jaar、Flying Lotus、Jamie xx、James Blake、Four Tet,近几年成名的这些音乐人,都曾在Boiler Room奉上过精彩的演出,这也印证了它强大又精准的新音乐审美标准。7X24小时不间断在线,Boiler Room是在世界各地不停赶场的一颗卫星,把Party开到天荒地老。

Thristian是Boiler Room创始人之一,在伦敦传奇唱片店Sound of the Universe 的工作经历让他收集了大量的黑胶唱片和丰厚的音乐经验,如今包括Ninja Tune在内的厂牌出合辑都会找他推荐曲目。作为一个Music Selector,他天生独到的音乐品位为他奠定了良好的声誉。

从伦敦到洛杉矶,柏林到开普敦, Thristian还负责为Boiler Room Sessions 在全世界挑选与时俱进、兼容并包的演出阵容。每周日晚Thristian 在NTS电台还有一档“Dark n’ Lovely Global Roots w/ Thristian”节目。从非洲律动到北欧福音,Thristian 对音乐的广泛涉猎程度受到众人赞许,每次都能带给听者不同的惊喜。

这不是一次Boiler Room的官方演出,但Thristian亲临Arkham绝对值得一去。在经历过全世界无数的音乐场景之后,如今让我们欢迎他的首次到来。这一晚将是改变你音乐生活方式的一次体验,祝你玩的开心。

Line-Up: Thris Tian // R3 // ADO8 // YETI B
时间: 12月5日,星期五,10pm
地点: ARKHAM 乌鲁木齐南路1号(近衡山路)
票价: 50RMB


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