Saturday - 18-7-15

1LVSH/SHFT Presents | 沪待Who Dat: YOUNG PEACH 嫩桃弟弟 [LIVE] Ft. VISUDY

Saturday July 18th
60 RMB
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This monthly event brings some of the most hype bass producers, artists, and DJs from around China to the 沪(Shanghai), to showcase their skills for the sweatiest most dirty sexy dance floors the city has to offer.
沪待 WHO DAT 是1LVSH 最新的派对系列。这两年过去1LVSH带来了许多国际BASS音乐人来到上海,现在1LVSH要用沪待WHO DAT来展示中国的天赋。每个月我们带来中国最受欢迎的BASS音乐制造者和DJ来到沪(上海)给你们带来不可忘记掉的回忆。
For VL.5 we fly in one of the Country’s hottest drill rappers, YOUNG PEACH. Known for his hype explicit tracks, most of which get censored and taken off the web, this will be Young Peach’s debut Shanghai show. To add to the turn up, Shanghai’s Dirty Crystal boy, DAMACHA,  Sync project’s VISUDY + OKWORD, and Love Bang’s Heatwolves will be providing the sounds.
Young Peach Bio: 
嫩桃弟弟 Young Peach 个人简历
嫩桃弟弟(Young Peach)96年出生的他从12岁开始独立创作音乐,并以独特的南部曲风与新锐的唱腔在HIP-HOP圈中引起一波波的热烈讨论。曾被誉为中国低龄说唱第一人的他凭着高水准的制作功底与高产量的音乐作品在国内说唱圈中积攒众多人气,15岁时嫩桃与团体少年说唱组(Young Chingsta Crew)发布同名专辑;16岁时发布首张个人专辑《天朝之子》;同时在网络发布多张地下Mixtape(混音辑)。嫩桃弟弟是目前中国说唱界最热门的歌手之一,同时也是国内新派说唱(New School)的先驱人物。
Young Peach (嫩桃弟弟) is one of the hottest trap/drill rappers in China. Started his rap career since 12, Young Peach was a well-known teenage rapper who released 2 albums and signed by major record label at age 14. Young Peach’s single “duang” was on the TOP 100 billboard of Mainland China; Single “Bao Qing Tian” is also the hottest banger right now in the indie trap game. Collaborated with DGainz (director of “Love Sosa” by Chief Keef), Soulja Boy, and numerous other Chinese top rappers; putted out numerous mixtapes and albums; Young Peach is one of the most hype rappers in China, a pioneer of Chinese Trap/Drill music also the founder of RMBG Records.
Who Dat checks egos at the coatcheck. Freaks, Stoners, Fashion and Music enthusiasts fill the club from dusk till dawn. Dress code is something like if A$AP Rocky brought you into his home, opened up his closet, and said “Do your thing shortee.” Your ratchet fantasy so to speak. You can do whatever here, we won’t tell anyone.
The Newest Hype, The Classics, Heavy Bass, Hiphop, Trap, Jersey, UK Garage, Deep House and Exclusive Productions from our resident DJs and special guests drive the dance floor.
最新和经典的音乐,低音线, 嘻哈,Trap,Jersey, Uk Garage,Deep House都会有。我们的Resident DJs和专门带来的音乐家的专属音乐会让你整夜一直跳舞。
Additional info:
V I S U D Y Bio:
   From a Progressive house past,Visudy has produced tracks ranging from Drum & Bass to Trap, all the way to his current personal favorite, Future Bass. This vast range of music production experience gives Visudy a competent, multi-style, electronic music sound. He recently issued Three Future Bass style tracks for his EP on Project Sync (Electronic Music Label) along side DJ / Producer: 3ASiC and other producers, as well as helped in the development of The Project Sync radio program, all while producing remixes for multiple domestic producers and artists; making Visudy a committed, valuable asset to the Chinese original electronic music scene.
从起初的Progressive house、Drum&Bass到Trap,再到近期他个人喜爱的Future Bass,大量的制作经验让Visudy能胜任多风格的电子音乐制作,近期还发行了三张Future Bass风格的EP,同时上线iTunes、Beatport等各大音乐商店。与3ASiC等制作人一起发起Project Sync-电子音乐制作人厂牌。创立同步计划电台,致力推广国人原创电子音乐,同时与国内一些主流音乐制作人、艺人合作,为他们制作Remix。
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