Friday - 24.7.15

4x4x4x4 Anniversary Presents | Shin Nishimura [JPN]

The 4x4x4x4 Arkham party series celebrates their Anniversary with one of their Japanese friends, Shin Nishimura!

Who is one of the most prominent DJs in Japan, DJ Shin Nishimura started his career here in Shanghai. After founding the legendary ‘Plus’ parties here, his first global release mix – 2002’s “Live in Shanghai” – put our city firmly on the techno world map.

Taking his ‘Plus’ party vision back to Japan, he started collaborating with Takkyu Ishino and Ken Ishii from WIRE02, putting on the biggest techno parties in Japan at the time. Shin’s Plus parties are now arguably Tokyo’s most important techno gigs. As well as setting up a namesake record label, he has been invited to release on such labels as Toktok, SCI + TEC and Mezzotinto, and has played at such festivals as MAYDAY and Love Parade. Shin still frequents Shanghai to get in touch with his roots, and this time in celebration of our Party we expect him to bring down the house!

At the same time, we have gathered many talents in Shanghai’s outstanding local scene to perform on the same stage, the Dot label founder from Taipei ELVIS.T, Shanghai nightlife staple, MIIA and Asian Vibes creator, Yoshinaga.
Lina K From Moldova, local hero Deep19 and 4x4x4x4 founder Max Shen play their specialty of house and techno music.

Shin Nishimura (Plus, Japan)
Max Shen
Lina K
Deep 19

Date: Friday,July 24th
Venue: Arkham
Address: No1 South Wulumuqi Lu near Hengshan Lu
Entrance: 50RMB Includes 1 Drink
Table Bookings:


此次”4x4x4x4″周年庆邀请到我们的日本好友Shin Nishimura,早已成为日本国宝级DJ的Shin Nishimura在上海开启职业生涯,当年横扫各大club,创立的传奇般“Plus”派对至今仍让乐迷津津乐道,为丰富沪城夜生活立下汗马功劳,其首张全球发行之mix合集“Live in Shanghai”(2002年)便深深烙下这座城市的印记,同样也助Shin在全球范围获得更高知名度。随后回到祖国,Shin也把他的好手艺和“Plus”品牌带走,还加盟了当时日本最大的Techno派对“WIRE02”,与Takkyu Ishino、Ken Ishii并肩作战。“Plus”被经营为东京最重要的电子派对,同名厂牌也日益壮大,除将自家厂牌作为主要战场,Shin也受邀在Toktok、Mezzotinto、SCI + TEC等著名海外厂牌发行作品,并参加了MAYDAY、Love Parade等音乐节。成名后Shin还是常常回到中国追寻DJ事业的起点,此次带来全新的44拍电子音乐造访Arkham聚乐部,摆明是要释放最劲电子炸弹。


同时我们集结了上海众多才华出众本土艺术家同台献艺,DOT厂牌的创始人来自台北的ELVIS.T, 活跃在上海的唱片女骑士MIA,Asian Vibes的Yoshinaga,

来自摩尔多瓦的Lina K, 深邃的本地俊才Deep 19 以及4x4x4x4的大当家Max Shen播放他们拿手的house和Techno音乐。


日期:7月24日 周五

地点:Arkham (乌鲁木齐南路1号靠近衡山路)

门票: 50元(含一杯vodka shot)



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