Saturday - 25.7.15

S.T.D. Presents | Chaki Zulu

The past decade has witnessed a surging wave of DJs that blur the line between electronic dance and hip-hop music. It’s caught a massive following in Japan, where Chaki Zulu has led the movement.

The respected DJ/Producer is one of the few artists in the Japanese music industry with experience in both the major and underground music scene. He formed THE LOWBROWS with fellow member EMI back in 2005, having three albums under their belt. Over the years, Chaki Zulu has shared the stage with notable artists like Digitalism, The Bang Gang Deejays, and Hot Chip.

He’s also the co-founder of YENTOWN, a collective of young Japanese rappers, producers, and designers. As the group’s backbone, Zulu is helping to fire out new tracks at a prolific rate.

Chaki Zulu’s brand of dance music is hard-hitting and bass-heavy, sampling plenty of hip-hop vocals. He’s produced for Japanese and international artists alike, most recently for Yung Lean’s “Tokyo Drift.” The aptly named track is representative of Zulu’s high-tempo show, which teleports listeners onto the set of the cult classic film of the same name.

This is Zulu’s first time back in Shanghai after performing a few years back as THE LOWBROWS. Be prepared for an explosive atmosphere—Arkham is turning up.

Time: Saturday, July 25th
Venue: Arkham, 1 South Wulumuqi Road
Ticket: 50RMB Includes One Drink

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