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S.T.D. Presents | #BNR10YR // SHANGHAI

On August 13, Boysnoize Records (BNR) is landing in Shanghai as part of its 10 Year Anniversary world tour, #BNR10YR. The Berlin-based DIY collective and record label is unshackling its legion of beatsmiths to cities the world over.

Since March, the party series has hit a whirlwind of cities including Miami, Berlin, Paris, London, New York, Detroit, and Mexico City. It’s expected to conclude in Tokyo for a head-spinning 21 cities in over 10 countries.

BNR’s Arkham show will feature label boss himself Boys Noize (Alex Ridha), along with heavyweight label mates Djedjotronic (Jeremy Cottereau) and Housemeister (Martin Bohm).

Boys Noize has crafted an envious CV as a major headliner in the electronic music scene. Prominent for a rougher, boundary-pushing sound, Boys Noize has collaborated with top-tier artists like Skrillex (the duo form ‘Dog Blood’), Snoop Dogg, Erol Alkan and Chilly Gonazles, just to name a few. He’s also played at some of the world’s largest stages—Ultra Music Festival, Movement, Womb in Tokyo and techno-Mecca Berghain in Berlin.

Back in 2005, Boys Noize established an eponymous record label dedicated to creating quality, unique dance music. Today, it boasts an eclectic mix of talent, sporting the likes of SCNTST, Djedjotronic, and Housemeister. The latter two have been handpicked to share the stage at Arkham this coming August.

Raised on Warp Records and Detroit-label Underground Resistance, Djedjotronic has the quintessential BNR sound—a hard-hitting version of techno melded with jackin’ house. It’s certainly been well received, with his hit “Uranus” reaching #1 on Beatport back in 2011. These days you can find him playing alone or with his colleagues from BNR.

One of the earliest members of BNR is Housemeister, a Berlin-native who came of age during the musical renaissance post-Berlin Wall. Having released his debut album Enlarge Your Dose on the label in 2005, Housemeister plays the type of music that—in BNR fashion—beats the living crap out of you.  His raw, analog sound is manifested in the over 30 vinyl records, 5 full-length albums he’s produced during a twenty-year career.

Come celebrate the culmination of a decade’s worth of boundary-pushing music from the BNR family. Expect the boys to inject a hefty serving of raw, high-intensity anthems in their return to Arkham.

热波窜动、烦闷油腻的上海8月天,即将刮来一场来势汹汹,嚣张猛烈的音乐风暴。Boys Noize Records十周年音乐盛典来啦!
如果你还不知道Boys Noize Records,请先深呼一口气,避免太多肾上腺素的释放,听S.T.D慢慢道来。
Boys Noize Records(BNR)是德国DJ Boys Noize在2005年创建的同名厂牌,如今名下已收纳包括SPANK ROCK, HOUSEMEISTER,STRIP STEVE,SCNTST,KNOX,DJEDJOTRONIC等系列国际大牌音乐人。
可以说BNR俨然牵动整个德国,甚至世界Electro/underground音乐的趋势。与之“有染”的音乐人不乏耳熟能详的名字,比如The Black eyed peas, David Lynch, N.E.R.D, Depeche Mode, Snoop Dogg, Daft Punk ,The Chemical Brothers.
为了庆祝十周年庆典,BNR厂牌发布了特别专辑Strictly Raw Vol. 1,并将它誉为BNR有史以来最“肮脏”(很明显这是一个褒义词)的工业专辑。里面收录了Boys Noize与Tiga,Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs等DJ的合作作品。
在与音乐网站Spin的访谈中,厂牌老板Boys Noize这样说道“我将自己黑暗的一面都展示在专辑里了,通过它,我想向听众们传达:你们在音乐节所听到音乐的只是很小的一部分,industrial远不止那些。”
我们很荣幸的邀请到BNR厂牌老板Boys Noize,他将在8月13带着当DJ DJEDJOTRONIC和HOUSEMEISTER来到上海,刷新我们对电子音乐的认知。
Boys Noize:
Boys Noize原名Alex Ridha,这个来自德国的男孩自17岁就活跃于各大Club的dj台,可以说几乎半辈子都在调音台的陪伴下度过。
Boys Noize的身影出现在这个星球名声最响亮的几大音乐节中。2014在Ultra 音乐节上,他与Snoop Dogg同台演出,同一年他又与Chilly Gonzales组成乐队Octave Minds,并发布首张同名专辑,被Pitchfork, Dazed & Confused, Fader几大媒体争先报道。
作为一名极具影响力的制作人和DJ,Boys Noize为Depeche Mode, Daft Punk, Feist, David Lynch , Jarvis Cocker,Santigold, Scissor Sisters, Nine Inch Nails等一系列大牌音乐人留下深刻印象。他不受任何规则的限制,deep Techno,electric热烈的节奏在他手下变成充满趣味的游戏,难怪滚石称他为“制定地球(音乐)规则的十大DJ之一”
除了音乐,Boys Noize绚丽的舞台表演往往为观众留下深刻印象,连续三年获得Beatport评出的 ‘Best Electronic Act’。
2009年他与南非饶舌歌手 Spoek合作发行EP “Dirty&Hard”,2010年“Feta”,“Bit this thin”,均发布在Boys Noize厂牌下,音乐风格打破现代House与Techno音乐的界限。并为他吸引了包括Unkle, DSL, TIGA, DAS POP, BIRDY NAM NAM. THE FAINT 等大牌音乐人合作的机会
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