Friday - 14.8.15

Footprint Session Presents | Electric Rescue

Local Special Guest . 本土特别嘉宾:

Date . 时间:
Fri 14.08.2015
星期五 2015.08.14

Venue . 地点:

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No.1 Wulumuqi Lu (Near Hengshan Lu)

Tickets . 票价:
Presales .预售– RMB 70
Door .现场– RMB 100

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After a year of preparation, FOOTPRINT MUSIC is ready to launch! To share this historical moment, FOOTPRINT will be touring China with our first release artist – Electric Rescue covering Shanghai, Kunming, Changsha, Beijing and Guangzhou. More info on the first release will be announced soon, you have been forewarned!

三年以来的探索,使FOOTPRINT越来越觉得需要一个声音去表达自己的理念。经过一年时间的准备,作为唱片发行厂牌的FOOTPRINT MUSIC应运而生。这是一个植根于电子音乐创作的黑胶和数字发行平台,探索我们想要的“声音”,在电子音乐世界的舞台中留下我们的“足迹”。

八月,FOOTPRINT将会带来开篇之作:FOOTPRINT MUSIC 001的制作者ELECTRIC RESCUE的特别中国巡回演出,我们的足迹将遍及 上海,昆明,长沙,北京以及广州。



// Electric Rescue (Skryptöm / Astropolic Records)

For the past twenty years, the inexhaustible activist Antoine Husson, aka Electric Rescue, has been stirring up the French techno scene by means of his energy and skill. Whether behind the turntable of the most prestigious French and Navarrian clubs, managing his label Skryptöm, or orchestrating his legendary Play parties or resident gigs at Rex Club in Paris, this militant of Rave is always on the front-lines, a constant electrifying force of underground French techno.
But his love for the music is expressed above all in his compositions. The ultra-prolific producer and composer is the defender of true techno. His work has appeared on the most prestigious labels, including Cocoon, Bedrock, and Soma, receiving unified support from the electronic music scene worldwide, from Laurent Garnier to Chris Liebing and John Digweed. Following the 2013 release of his second album Sonic Architecture on the esteemed English label Bedrock Records, Electric Rescue shows no signs of slowing down in 2014. Upcoming releases include: EPs on Affin, Sleaze, or his own, Skryptöm label, remix for Dusty Kid and Möd3rn, a live project jointly produced by accomplices Traumer and Maxime Dangles.

在过去二十年里,来自法国的Antoine Husson或者叫作Electric Rescue,一直是法国坚持不歇的Techno倡导者

无论是他在Sven Vath的Cocoon, John Digweed的Bedrock, SLAM的Soma, Dubfire的SCI+TEC,他 的导师与朋友Laurent Garnier的F Communications的唱片发行;在Rex Club巴黎的驻场,在比如Tresor和Berghain柏林,The Egg伦敦,加拿大Piknic Electronik音乐节…的DJ/Live演出;又或者2013年在Bedrock发行的专辑《Sonic Architecture》,都足以证明他的电子音乐艺术创造力。

他把对音乐的热爱全部释放在他的音乐创作中。他的声音磅礴大气,结构工整亦惊喜百出,既强调舞池的律动也兼具了Techno音乐的逻辑深度。所以他的发行遍布热门厂牌:Stephan Bodzin的Herzblut, 2000 And One的Intacto, Affin ,Sleaze, ARTS甚至是Boyz Noise的BNR以及他所创立的Skryptöm。

而他也不断向前,与另外两位法国电子音乐人Maxime Dangles, Traumer创立的名为“Möd3rn”创新性的三人Live组合,不仅风靡欧洲音乐节,并以此为名发行了数张唱片,充分体现了“现代”的电子音乐概念。

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