Thursday - 27.8.15

S.T.D. Presents | Kitsuné Club Night

After a first edition back in 2013, Kitsuné is returning to Arkham for another Kitsuné Club Night.

This year’s lineup stars Kitsuné label member Oliver Nelson with support from RAZ and FRAU. Having already hosted parties in the U.S. this year and an upcoming tour of Europe, the celebrated Parisian label is making a stop at Wulumuqi 1 to work up that summer sweat.

Hailing from Sweden, Oliver Nelson is the latest Nordic export to take the world stage. Thanks to an ever-growing portfolio of funky club-ready remixes, the young DJ/Producer has been labeled a “Nu-Disco Wonderkid” with strong pop sensibility.

He’s been receiving plenty of support online and from artists lately. Oliver’s work has earned him features on Indie Shuffle, Dancing Astronaut, multiple chart toppers on Hype Machine, and millions of plays on Soundcloud. This attention has helped him contract work with industry heavyweights like Bon Iver, Route 94, and Cazzette. It’s also earned him praise from fellow countryman Kygo who has taken the world by storm lately.

Believe the hype this August 27 as the Kitsuné team brings some fire to the dance floor.

LINE-UP: Oliver Nelson, RAZ, FRAU
Time: Thursday, August 27th
Venue: Arkham, 1 South Wulumuqi Road
Ticket: 60RMB


什么是KITSUNÉ?它是狐狸的日语发音,在日本文化里狐狸是无所不能变化多端的化身。它现在代表一个来自法国的时尚品牌,同时经营着一个音乐厂牌 ,也是誉满全球的演出品牌Club Night的发起者。

KITSUNÉ Club Night在2013年5月第一次登录上海,在此之前,Club Night巡演地图上标记了伦敦、巴黎、圣彼得堡、纽约、旧金山、东京、大阪等城市。今年8月,KITSUNÉ带上旗下新晋艺人Oliver Nelson,加热Arkham的地下舞池!

关于Oliver Nelson
来自斯德哥尔摩的Oliver Nelson- 除了天赋与才能,“蹭蹭蹭”抓住时代的绳子,成为音乐舞台不可忽视的年轻面孔。
从小和各类圆形鼓厮混的Oliver Nelson对节奏与鼓点有敏锐的感知,并将这种天赋灌输进电乐,令流动的乐符仿佛坐镇摇头晃脑的嬉皮鼓手,敲出活泼、跳跃的热烈节拍,围绕耳边,盘旋脚底。

除此之外,一批风格迥异音乐人的影响诸如Toto, Peter Gabriel,Ed Banger, Kavinsky, Goldroom和Ben Khan,为Oliver Nelson的音乐带来更加多元的创作张力。
就在今年早期,Oliver Nelson由厂牌“Perfect Havoc”发布的第一张作品“Found Your Love”,完整版预计在9月正式发布。在此之前,优先公开的单曲直奔Hype Machine排名首位,并且已经在Soundcloud收获800,000的播放量。
如今,Oliver Nelson的热门曲目在Youtube,Soundcloud,Spotify拥有超过500万的听众。近年Kitsuné举办的派对几乎每场都有他的面孔,他的单曲更是六次摘得Hype Machine冠军!

Support: RAZ/FRAU

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