Friday - 21.8.15

Arkham Presents | Mr HAS

Mr. Has is a Singaporean DJ / Producer Prominent for Redefining Singapore’s Music Scene. As the current Asia Pacific Music Director for W Hotels, Mr.Has oversees the hotel Brand’s Musical Aesthetic. It’s a role he’s Been Well groomed for, HAVING Prior experience in Introducing Cutting-Edge sounds and Bars to Singapore. Mr. Has is Responsible for the “Full Steam Ahead” party series and Phuture club Nights at Zouk in Singapore. Like many of the artists featured this Summer, Mr. Has Known for HAVING is an . Eclectic style It’s Impossible to pigeonhole HIM into any Particular type of Dance Music;. His genre-Bending sets Encompass All of Them It’s a Driving Force Behind His label Rawjak, and Also Why he’s heralded b y Juice as Singapore’s best DJ / Producer. If you’re looking for Infectious boundary-Pushing Beats, this raw underground name you CAN do no Wrong. Line-up: HAS MR, R3, DONN, OKWORD Date: August 21st Venue: Arkham, 1 South Wulumuqi Road Ticket: 50RMB ___ Mr. Has the Singapore music scene can not be overlooked role as music director of the W Hotel in Asia Pacific, Mr.Has the control of all hotels in musical quality. At the same time as the “Full Steam Ahead” party series and Singapore’s famous nightclub Zouk Phuture club nights main reason people, but also to keep the most cutting-edge music and a bar into a new Singapore. We can not use any kind of music style defined Mr.Has, in his compact the Set in covering a variety of musical styles. This is his label Ra he runs one of the driving forces wjak, but also he was Singapore’s local magazine juic E voted the best DJ / producer reason. If you’re looking for music to wake your brain cortex, then this game you must not miss on.


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