SAT- 5.9.15

Arkham Presents | Two Fresh [US]

去年冬天用低音轰炸Arkham之后,今天夏天双胞胎兄弟Two Fresh再度回归。

双胞胎兄弟Two Fresh的音乐建立在嘻哈乐的基础之上,其中自然地穿插着不同类型的音乐样本以及高超的合成技巧。2011年,音乐制作人Jables和Bookworm,加盟Two Fresh,在Asheville发布精选集Lab Coat beat collective,获得业界一片赞赏。同时也在近几年声名崛起,与Baauer和Skrillex等大牌在国际音乐节如SXSW和EDC中同台献演。

Two Fresh, comprised of twin brothers Kendrick and Sherwyn Nicholls are quickly becoming the face of hip-hop infused bass music. Their high-octane sets can pop off any crowd and are something that has arisen out of their brutal honesty with one another.

很难用三言两语来描述Two Fresh的音乐类型,但是他们的音乐是绝对不能忽视的!现场表演中,Two Fresh乐此不疲的在DJ台演奏撩人的音乐游戏,沉浸在电子节奏中的“梦游者”还为了前一秒骤降的低音心头一紧,合成器里就响起空旷、带有金属质感的旋律,劲头十足的鼓点。

After smashing their performance at Arkham last winter, the Denver duo is making a much-anticipated return this fall. Their ability to work seamlessly on stage has played a massive role in satiating ears for dark hip-hop/trap. The brothers can transition from something smooth to sinister, strong to imaginative without missing a beat. Two Fresh has received plenty of recognition the past few years, sharing the stage with the likes of Baauer and Skrillex at festivals such as SXSW and EDC.


Here’s to hoping the brothers return to Arkham with the same uncompromising sound. Be sure to make your way to Wulumuqi’s underground this September 5, where the only bombs that will be dropping are beats.

阵容:Two Fresh, Fader One, Luce, Alan Wolf
地点:Arkham 乌鲁木齐路1号
票价:现场80 // 扫码60

LINE-UP: Two Fresh, Fader One, Luce, Alan Wolf
Time: September 5th
Venue: Arkham, 1 South Wulumuqi Road
Ticket: 80RMB Door // 60RMB with Wechat Scan

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