Sunday - 11.8.15


The best Reggae event of the year comes to Arkham this weekend. Jamafreeca is a Reggae project that was born on July 7, 2013 in Beijing China. This event was created with the aim to share the Afro-Caribbean cultures in China through a concert bringing together different artists from different backgrounds and musical genres. Following the opening of borders between different African – Caribbean countries and China, this concert also established closer links between the different nations in order to strengthen cultural exchange on a musical point of view.

LINE-UP: Perfect Giddimani, Ultimate Band Crew, Chacha, Raddam Ras, Abel X, Andrew David .

Greg Rose (born 26 March 1980), better known by his stage name Perfect Giddimani, Mr. Perfect or simply Perfect is a Jamaican reggae singer who has gained worldwide recognition for his reggae hit “Hand Cart Bwoy” which entered the Jamaican charts in 2005. Over the last decade, He has released eight full-length albums, four mixtapes, and countless singles. The latest project titled Self Grammy EP, released on his Giddimani Records label on May 19th, is an accurate cross-section of Perfect’s diverse talents, which include singing, chanting, and production, as well as a showcase of his unique sense of humor, his charismatic personality, and his message of personal

Early 2011 the Ultimate Band Crew also known as UBC was formed in Beijing at the meeting of two artists preparing for a charity event. KLS Miguel (The King Lion Son) coming from Yaounde Cameroon and General Huge from Lyon France are singers, songwriters, beat-makers. They perform their favorite music which is Reggae, Ragga, dancehall and they sometimes incorporates some Hip-Hop, Soul or R’n’B vibrations to their mix. They already collaborate with different artists such as the Chinese reggae band 龙神道 or UK reggae singer Tippa Irie.

KLS Miguel is a singer already known in his country, who was an ex. member of the famous Cameroon reggae band Sumanja. His face is very familiar to Chinese audiences – he has played roles in movies “Pancake Man” and “The Taking of Tiger Mountain”. He is a singer, songwriter, beat-maker and has two albums to his credit. His style a unique combination of reggae, dancehall and soul. Back in Cameroon he was an actor in productions for television but also a football player in the amateur league.

General Huge is a Ragga-Reggae-Dancehall singer, songwriter and beatmaker. During the early years of his career, The General acquired a good popularity in France. He has by now two albums to his credit, one with the French singer Matt’ and a solo album. Nonetheless he made several projects with other performers from Lyon, such as Max, Papyrool or Y_A from 4as prodOn March of 2015, UBC signed an exclusive contract with IMCG Global Inc with headquarter in DE, USA, becoming its performing and recording artists worldwide.

Over the last eigth years, Guizhou born SHanghai based vocialist and produer ChaCha has created many monikers and has carved a path in various areas of the musical world, but her roots come from Reggae. From joinging Shanghai’s uprooted Sunshine Soundsystem and starting off performing at with weekly party at Logo to touring China with Cluve Chin. ChaChas has made a huge impact on the reggae scene in China.

The iconic local rap legend MC Webber is recognized has one of the pioneer of Chinese rap. With 10-year experience as a DJ and nearly 20-year experience as a rapper, RaddamRas aka MC Webber is bringing a powerful vibe in what we call the “Future Reggae”, using earthquake shaking bass and amazingly powerful drums that will force you to move no matter what! A live culture shock between Jamaican roots and powerful electronic Drum&Bass, a slice of Hip-hop and just what you need of Fun

Coming from Ethiopia, Abel X is well known for being part of one of the biggest reggae/hip-hop crew in Ethiopia: The Lucy Boyz. He arrived in Beijing few years ago to put up a new DJ crew “Twice groovy” and helped a lot the Macao band “P4″ by recording and producing them. He works a lot with UBC by always being behind the booth, playing the tracks for the crew and also singing alongside with them. He’s featured on UBC’s last album bringing a nice hip-hop touch.

LINE-UP: Perfect Giddimani, Ultimate Band Crew, Chacha, Raddam Ras, Andrew David, Abel X
Date: Sunday, November 8th from 9pm

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