Saturday - 12.5.15


No scene has been as teeming with as much raw talent in recent months as Chicago, and that run isn’t about to stop now. Enter Lucki Eck$, a young curator of an atypical, druggy, yet, thought-provoken flow that is at times, as hypnotizing as it is intoxicating. The nineteen year old rapper will kick-off his first ever official three city tour in China beginning on December 3rd with a performance @Dada Beijing, December 4th @NASA Chengdu, and December 5th @Arkham Shanghai. Now, with a contract at the same management agency as Kanye West, and an even bigger fan base, Lucki Eck$ is finally prepared to take his career to a new height literally one country at a time.

没有一个地方像芝加哥一样诞生过如此多的青年才俊,Lucki Eck$ 就是其中一位,用他与众不同的迷幻且黑暗的唱腔以及激进的歌词赢得了整个世界的目光。我们携手这位十九岁的年轻说唱歌手即将开启他在中国的首次巡演,十二月三日/四日/五日,北京/成都/上海,三座城市,准备好跟我们迎接一整晚来自芝加哥最街头的声音!

Lucki Eck$ is a 19 year old rapper from Chicago, who gained a lot of buzz from his debut mixtape “Alternative Trap”. The mixtape was featured on Noisey, Pitchfork, Complex, The Fader, FakeshoreDrive, The Source, ect. He was featured in Complex magazine’s “Top 25 new rappers list”. His 2014 release “Body High” , in turn, found Lucki smearing the colors on his sonic palette, shunting the lithe, nursery-rhyme hooks off to the side to accommodate more long-form lyrical throughlines and rap over Bjork—a drastically more difficult record.

Eck$ third mixtape, “X”, scanned like a pretty unsurprising extension of the aesthetic of his previous two mixtape reflecting a more murky, tonally somber music.

His recent project entitled Free Wave, unites several “Freewave” releases and freestyles into one cohesive piece. Free Wave boasts ten songs, while the lone guest appearance comes courtesy of fellow up-and-comer Playboy Carti.

来自芝加哥的 Lucki Eck$ 在他的首张混音辑 “Alternative Trap” 发行后即获得大量关注,被 Noisey, Pitchfork,Complex, 等多家网站推荐。

次年,年仅18岁的他更是凭借与 FKA Twigs 以及 Danny Brown 的合作入选 Complex杂志 的 “二十五位最佳新秀” 名单,同时上榜的还有 Young Thug, Migos, Travis $cott 等。

在他的今年发行的第三张混音辑 “X”中,他更颠覆性的联手 Chance the Rapper 以及 Young Chop 创作出了大量以黑暗和阴郁为主题的Drill音乐

凭借着他独一无二的说唱风格,惊人的天赋以及芝加哥说唱音乐不断扩张的势头,我们相信,Lucki Eck$ 将会赢得全世界的目光。

Music Video:
Count on Me:
Ouch Ouch (produced by FKA twigs):
Stevie Wonder (feat. Chance The Rapper):

Saturday, December 5th 2015
ARKHAM Shanghai
1 Wulumuqi Lu, Hengshan Lu
w/ Bloodz Boi [Live], Swimful, Jenny & Mean Jerk

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