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Onra是一个有才华的法裔音乐制作人,在国际上因他深情的复古hip-hop音乐而小有名气。他的事业在2006年伴随着第一张专辑的发行而拉开了帷幕,开始被录入到一些合集里,被邀请到the Red Bull Music Academy,制作了一些古怪的混音集,还进行了一些有趣的合作。

Onra的风格包含了横跨大陆的怀旧情怀。尽管在法国长大,他的音乐深受80、90年代美国嘻哈音乐的影响,像是他的音乐中包含的一些诡异的咒语是被大部分人所认为代表黄金时期的体裁。如果你熟悉Onra的音乐,不难让你想起一代音乐传奇J Dilla.

Onra最有趣的项目之一便是其Chinoiserie的专辑,他在一次越南淘黑胶唱片的旅行后,找到了一些很稀有的黑胶,然后制作了这张有趣的复古Hip Hop, beatscape, 融合了让人无法停止摇摆的节拍和普通话的专辑。这一次你可能将会听到来自京剧的混音,给你的耳朵带来一些新鲜玩意儿!


Onra is a talented Paris-based producer known well for his soulful expression of vintage hip-hop through an international lens. His career kicked off in 2006 with his first album release and has since been bookmarked by a number of full-lengths, invitation to the Red Bull Music Academy, several funky mixtapes and constant flow of interesting collabs.

Onra’s style is both transcontinental and nostalgic. Despite a French upbringing, his music is heavily colored by 80s/90s-era American hip-hop, like some crafty incantation of what many believe to be the Golden Age of the genre. Core principles at work here are eclectic vocal/instrumental samples, guest rappers and silky R&B lines amidst an overarching beat tape aesthetic and sounds derived from exotic cultures. If you’re familiar with the genre, it’s hard to hear Onra and not think of the oft-cited and legendary beat making titan, J Dilla. As always, such a comparison is high praise.

One of Onra’s more interesting projects is his Chinoiseries compilation (parts 1 and 2). Onra gained a lot of momentum from Chinoiseries which was spawned from a stint in Asia where he collected a heap of Chinese and Vietnamese pop tracks. These were later cut up and reworked into his retro hip-hop beatscape, packed with a plethora of tasty head-nodding beats and sporadic Mandarin rants with Asian instruments. It’s the closest you’ll come to hearing a hip-hop remix of that Beijing opera you saw once. Really fun stuff.

This one is particularly for the hip-hop heads out there, but more widely for anyone that appreciates bouncing to a well-crafted beat. Come vibe with Onra as he sets up shop at Arkham this NEW YEARS EVE.

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Venue: Arkham, 1 Wulumuqi Lu
Date: Thursday, 12.31.15

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