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s!lk Presents | Trekkie Trax [JPN]


S!LK is a brand new label from Beijing that presents the fusion of art and electronic music. We believe in the sound of the future and aim to create pioneering live experience. Our first series of shows bring you the pioneer bass label TREKKIE TRAX from Japan. Seimei & Carpainter, two founders of the label will play future tunes with a touch of Japan in your cities! 21st Jan @ARKHAM Shanghai.

S!LK 是一个全新的根植于北京的电子音乐与艺术品牌,我们推崇未来的声音和制造前卫的音乐现场,联合与来自鸭打鹅的艺术家33合作制造创意。第一期我们将呈献来自日本的先锋低音厂牌 TREKKIE TRAX 的中国巡演,我们携手厂牌的两位创始人 Seimei & Carpainter 将东瀛的未来之声带到你所在的城市,1月21日 @ARKHAM 上海,22日 @NASA 成都,23日 @DADA 北京!

TREKKIE TRAX is a Tokyo-based Japanese dance music label and collective of producers, djs and live artists. Seimei, Carpainter, Andrew, Bank, Futatsuki and Masayoshi Iimori are at the core of this crew. Since its foundation in 2012, they have been releasing free DL Eps on the Internet, and have had two compilations on one of the Europe’s finest labels ‘TOP BILLIN’. So far, TREKKIE TRAX has gained support from artists like Salva, UZ, Mija, Djemba Djemba, Carnage, Canblaster, Roska, Ryan Hemsworth, XXYYXX, Giraffage, MikeQ, Sinden, Douster, Munchi, Scratcha DVA, Nina Las Vegas, Kill Frenzy and Anamanaguchi this list continues to grow. Their productions have been supported and played on BBC Radio 1, Rinse FM, Thump, Pitchfork, Nest HQ, Block FM, MTV Japan and many many more respected outlets.

TREKKIE TRAX 是一个根植于东京的电子音乐厂牌和团队,自2012年成立以来吸纳了大量的本土制作人,DJ,包括 Seimei, Carpainter, Andrew, Bank, Futatsuki 以及 Masayoshi Limori 等。通过他们不断在互联网上的活跃与发行,在短短三年之内便得到了大量大牌制作人的推荐和支持,包括 UZ, Salva, Djemba Djemba, XXYYXX, Ryan Hemsworth, Roska, Canblaster 等。他们的音乐更被多次在 BBC Radio 1, Rinse FM, Thump, Pitchfork, Nest HQ, MTV 等播放。TREKKIE TRAX 已经成为了日本舞曲的一种符号,在被全世界所关注。


LuckyMe x Rinse 54 feat TREKKIE TRAX

Thursday, 21st January 2016
2016年1月21日 星期四
Seimei, Carpainter, Conrank & Bloodz Boi

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