Saturday - 3.26.16

STD Presents | LAPALUX [UK, Brainfeeder]

BRAINFEEDER, Flying Lotus’ esteemed label of star-gazing futurist producers, is sending another mind-melding wizard our way. In the past few years we’ve seen FlyLo, Daedelus, TOKiMONSTA, Teebs and MONO/POLY take the stage in Shanghai. Next up, dropping in on Arkham: Lapalux!

Lapalux, born Stuart Howard, is an Essex native who crafts an accessible brand of atmospheric slow jamz. Under Brainfeeder, he has put out a number of EP’s as well as two LP’s, Nostalchic (2013) and Lustmore (2015). There is significant growth across his discography, which spans about a five year career, but all of Lapalux’s productions are tied together by his jittery chill-wave aesthetic.

Most tracks are beautiful patchwork pieces of texture-dense sound. There is a lot of fine-tuned sample work with injections of very soulful guest vocals. This music, easily referred to by many as “deconstructed pop songs,” can be remembered for its moments of shimmering beauty amidst waves of thick sonic sludge. Think off-kilter beats and mesmerizing synths. And of course in true Brainfeeder fashion, it all comes together in a highly synesthetic experience.

Another top-quality show for the electronically adventurous. Come check out Lapalux in Arkham as he takes the stage for his inaugural show in Shanghai.

DATE: Saturday, March 26th
VENUE: Arkham, 1 Wulumuqi Lu, Hengshan Lu
TICKET: 100RMB // 80RMB with STD Wechat Scan

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