Friday - 3.4.2016

Say Yes* & 4X4X4X4 Present Deepbass [Informa, UK]

2015, Say Yes brought the legendary grandmaster Moritz von Oswald and young talent Francesco Tristano. Now, time to come back after CNY celebration, we will keep bringing solid artists and doing good parties. This first guest in spring is a prolific and versatile producer whose incendiary live sets have earned him the attention of all the right people-Deepbass from Infroma/ Soma. Say Yes is teaming up with 4X4X4X4 from Arkham for his first China debut. Max Shen, Yoshinaga and SON DOS are on the support.

Whether doused in the grit of Deepbass’ hometown Glasgow, or expanded by the widescreen vistas of his current base, Barcelona, the music of Darren Roberts has asserted it´s uniqueness within his preferred form of expression, rolling and tunneling techno, strong on propulsion and atmosphere. Naming the project Deepbass was a strong statement of intent and commitment to a sound of his own, from the start. That he has in fact established it and remains on a path of constant perfection of it, is indicative of Darren´s personality and talent.

This consistent path has seen Deepbass produce Deep/ Dark/ Dub/ Ambient Techno and put put out records on labels such as Edit Select Records, Aconito Records, Dynamic Reflection and Soma, all the while enjoying a steady rise in recognition both with audience and peers. Along the way, he found in Italian producer Andrea Deplano, most widely known as Ness, a perfect foil for his vision of techno, with both collaborating on releases which displayed uncanny compatibility in sound between them. This commitment to the deeper, hypnotic side of techno is further proved by his own label, Informa Records, where releases by names like Reggy Van Oers, nAX_Acid, Claudio PRC, Takaaki Itoh, Ness, NX1, Hironori Takahashi are constant highlights for those who crave expansive and engrossing soundscapes.

What stands out from his production and DJing is that Deepbass creates something identifiably his own, but refuses to ever be limited by it or to get confortable repeating just one thing. Instead, he takes what´s already his own and streamlines it, sharpens it and nuances it. The origin and destination of this bullet train might be constant, but the path it takes and how the journey feels is ever-changing. Strap yourself in.

Date: Friday, March 4th
Venue: Arkham (No.1 South Wulumuqi Lu.)
Line-up: Deepbass//Son Dos//Max Shen//Yoshinaga
Entry: At Door 60 RMB with 1 Free Shot

2015年, Say Yes很荣幸地邀请到了传奇祖师爷级人物 Moritz von Oswald以及像Francesco Tristano这样能把新古典和电子乐美妙融合,钢琴和techno玩转游刃有余的青年才俊来华演出。春节大鱼大肉过后,是时候到舞池中央抖抖腿散散肥膘了。Say Yes已经为你的春天准备好了一大波优秀艺人的巡回演出,首当其冲的就是来自大家耳熟能详的老派厂牌Soma旗下英国制作人Deepbass。乐如其名,他的音乐深邃而暗黑。Say Yes携手来自Arkham一直致力于推广44拍音乐的4X4X4X4派对, 向大家呈现Deepbass的中国首演。当晚同台的还有Max Shen, Yoshinaga和刚从瑞典归来的特别嘉宾, 我们的老朋友,不过这次他改头换面,以全新发行的新身份SON DOS为大家带来别样的感受。

现居巴塞罗纳的Deepbass在音乐上一直追求保持能够代表自己的专属风格, 并用自己最为偏爱和擅长的的独特方式呈现出来: 飘忽律动的Techno, 注重音乐氛围的营造,他在Deep/ Dark/ Dub/ Ambient Techno上的造诣可圈可点。在树立了自己独树一帜的风格后,Deepbass便陆续在一些知名厂牌发行作品: Edit Select, Aconito, Dynamic Reflection和Soma。接着一个有趣的转折点发生了,他遇到了意大利制作人Ness,两人在Techno的理解和认知上一拍即合。于是他们开始合作一些高质的Techno作品。他选择将这些充满深度又前卫的Techno放在自己的Infroma厂牌发行。 在该厂牌发行作品的艺人还有Reggy Van Oers, nAX_Acid, Claudio PRC, Takaaki Itoh, Ness, NX1, Hironori Takahashi 。总而言之,无论作为一位DJ还是制作人,Deepbass在都给自己的音乐插上了独特的标签,拒绝一切局限,游走在半梦半醒之间,如同他的作品 《sleepwalker》. 期待3月4日身临其境的切实体验。

地点:Arkham 乌鲁木齐南路1号 近衡山路
DJ: Deepbass//Son Dos//Max Shen//Yoshinaga

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