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DJ Shufflemaster (Tatsuya Kanamori), Japan’s most underground export, who led the Techno

scene in Japan.

DJ Shufflemaster (Tatsuya Kanamori)是日本Techno界领军者和日本地下电子音乐输出使者。


DJ Shufflemaster, one of the few Japanese Techno producers to attain global prominence in

the late 90s Techno scene with his productions and remixes. Originally a committed member

of the Tokyo based Subvoice label, where he release number of his early EPs.

在90年代末凭借他的制作和混音才华,DJ Shufflemaster可谓数一数二扬威全球电子音乐圈的日本


Shufflemaster debut single “Geylang”was praised by DJ’s like Laurent Garnier, who

licensed the track for his mix CD. Well known for his remixing talents for prominent

Techno artists like Adam Beyer, Ben Sims, DJ Rush, Joel Mull, Cari Lekebusch, DJ Deeon and

many more. In 2001, his debut album EXP released on Tresor, arguably the world’s most

universally recognized Techno institution at the time.

Shufflemaster首次发行个人单曲《Geylang》获得众多DJ/制作人的赞扬,比如Laurent Garnier,同时

Laurent Garnier也把此单曲收录在个人混音合辑CD里,他出众的混音制作才华赢得与著名Techno DJ/

制作人的合作,比如:Adam Beyer, Ben Sims, DJ Rush, Joel Mull, Cari Lekebusch, DJ Deeon



In 2013, he had launched a new label “Shiki Kyokai” and released his second album

“Dismantled Desire” under the name of “KANAMORI”, twelve years after his debut album EXP

on Tresor in 2001. Subsequently, DJ Shufflemaster returns to his career after released a

couple of singles by “Shiki Kyokai”.

2013年,Shufflemaster创办新厂牌“Shiki Kyodai(四季协会)”并以Kanamori的名字发行他个人第二

张专辑《Dismantles Desire》,距他上一张在Tresor发行的专辑《EXP》已有12年之久。接着他也陆续


Three originators of Japanese techno music include DJ Shufflemaster teamed up to release

new original recordings, the project named DISQ CLASH. They sublimate Chicago house and

Detroit techno, which they were influenced by, into new sound. Their debut EP “Turbo

Clash” had released by Twin Turbo in 2015.

2015年,DISQ CLASH在Twin Turbo厂牌推出首张EP《Turbo Clash》.DISQ CLASH是由DJ Shufflemaster



DJ Shufflemaster and Chester Beatty dropped “Our House Music” with old school Chicago

house manner from Berlin’s finest Ellen Allien’s Bpitch Control Record.

2016年初,DJ Shufflemaster与Chester Beatty的作品《Our House Music》在Ellen Allien的厂牌

Bpitch Control Record发行。

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