Bunker TV

Bunker is all about bringing what they call “TECHNO.MINIMAL.HOUSE” to the masses. The “BunkerTV” project is showcase of different DJs who all share for this deep musical culture..
等不同色彩的深层次音乐与大众沟通交流. 同时也进行“BunkerTV”的项目来展现不同风格DJ们的色彩以及与大众们分享深层次音乐的文化.
The event’s theme is Revolution.
In Asia, EDM is generally popular music culture, but Bunker is less about being popular and more about creating a deep sensory experience through music.Bunker’s party team so that their underground sound will increase this deep understanding of musical culture .
在亚洲EDM是普遍的大众音乐文化.但是在很多地方人们已经对这种具有浓重色彩的深层次音乐雀跃欢呼.所以希望通过这次派对Bunker团队可以让大家更佳了解Underground Sound以增加对这种深层次音乐文化的了解.

Line up-
Aabyss (South Korea)
Ryu (China)
Radio Revolution (South Korea)
Southlee (South Korea)
Fane (Romania)

Price l 票价 – 50RMB(includes one free shot)

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