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2016 至今对于 SHFT和你们来说已经是个 完美的一年了!自从举办了无数场活动嘉宾阵容包括Troyboi、Mr Carmack、Jarreau Vandal、UZ、OG Maco 和组织了中国第一 的室内陷阱音乐节-SHFT 现在很激动的 宣布A$AP Nast的演出,这有可能是今夏最 火热的活动。作为他在中国的首次亮相,A$AP Nast将在 6月17日掀翻上海舞台,并且在北京完美 结束他的巡演。毋庸置疑,他将会演出他 和A$AP Mob的最新单曲《Yamborghini High》,这首歌虽然才发布短短几天,但已 经获得了超过650万的观看次数。A$AP Nast是来自Harlem的hip hop组合A$AP Mob的一员,其他成员包括A$AP Rocky和A$AP Ferg。作为A$AP Mob的一员,他们在2012年发布了第一个作品,一张叫《Lords Never Worry》的专辑。专辑发布后,他们在61天完成了48场演出,其中大部分演出都售罄! 他们接下来的专辑《TrillmaRc》中的第一支单曲是由by A$AP Ty Beats制作,由ASAP Nast 和Method Man合作。这首歌已经荣登英国R&B排行榜第29名并且MV在Youtube 获得超过1千4百万次的观看。

2016 has been a great year so far for the SHFT Team and for you Fam ! After hosting Troyboi, Mr Carmack, Jarreau Vandal, UZ, OG Maco and organizing China’s Number One Indoor Urban Music Festival – SHFT is now excited to announce the arrival of A$AP Nast, for what might be summer’s hottest event! For his first tour in China, A$AP Nast will be bringing fire to the stage in Shanghai on June 17, and will be finishing up strong in Beijing. No doubt he’ll be playing the latest A$AP Mob hit titled “Yamborghini High,” which was just released only a couple of days ago, but has already goTen 6.5 million views on YouTube.

A$AP Nast is a member of the Harlem- based hip hop group A$AP Mob, along with fellow rappers A$AP Rocky and A$AP Ferg. As part of A$AP Mob, they released their first project in 2012, a mixtape titled “Lords Never Worry”. Following the mixtape’s release, they performed 48 shows in 61 days, the majority of which were sold out! The 1st single from their upcoming album «Trillmatic», produced by A$AP Ty Beats, features A$AP Nast and Method Man. The song has since peaked at number 29 on the UK R&B Charts and reached more than 14 million views on YouTube!

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