Preme Presents:BudaMunk & Grooveman Spot

一位是从洛杉矶到日本东京地下现场一个不能忽视的重要角色 – BudaMunk, 多个厂牌旗下的艺人,包括Soul Jugglerz,Sick Team,Jazzy Sport。第二位是担任多重身份的Grooveman Spot, 你可以说不拘一格就是他的代名词,使其成为Jazzy Sport厂牌的一颗重磅炸弹。都是霓虹国高质量音乐的保证。如果你爱hiphop,爱jazz,我们给你还原一个在日本最出色的地下现场。你可能已经见识过大大小小的音乐现场了,  这次我们决定给你的感官来场洗礼。

BudaMunk出身于日本东京。在1996年,值16岁时,只身来到美国洛杉矶,随即开始了他的DJ生涯,正式成为一名音乐人。2004年,他和两位MC-Joe Style 以及 OYG一起为Keentoker担任制作人。而在说唱了由Budamunk手中制作的音乐后,The Keentoker迅速加入了Live Radio电台节目,成为之后的Soul Jugglerz,使其成为洛杉矶地下音乐现场举足轻重的人物。作为制作人的BudaMunk(与其他知名制作人)一起建立起了一片强大的嘻哈群体。

Originally from Tokyo, BudaMunk moved to LA in 1996 at the age of 16 and soon began his career DJing and making beats. In 2004, he began performing as DJ and producer for the Keentokers with MCs Joe Styles and OYG. The Keentokers soon joined forces with Live Radio and became the Soul Jugglerz and continued performances in the LA underground scene.  As a producer, he built (together with other notable local producers) an underground HipHop community.


He became a champion at one of the first beat battles held at the Scratch DJ Academy in LA. He returned to Tokyo in 2006 and released several projects from labels such as Jazzy Sport and Dogear Records. He was again crowned champion at an Akai sanctioned beat battle held in Tokyo, and became a positive influence in Japanese HipHop scene. He teamed up with musician, Mabanua, to form Green Butter, and continued to take more people on his sonic journey.


Supporting DJs:

Kin J.

Kilo Vee


Presale预售: 80RMB

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