DJ Krush

DJ KRUSH is considered as one of the pioneers of Japanese hip hop and established himself as one of the most respected artists and producers in the hip hop industry, both in Japan and abroad.

DJ KRUSH被誉为日本Hip Hop先锋之一,在日本乃至全世界的Hip Hop领域都是备受尊崇的一位音乐人/制作人。

Starting with his debut album KRUSH released in 1994, he has released  8 solo albums, 4 remix albums, and 3 mix albums worldwide. His 6th ALBUM ZEN was awarded the Best Electronica Album in 2002 AIFM Awards. 8th ALBUM JAKU topped the RPM chart of CMJ for 3 weeks in a row. DJ KRUSH has performed at over 200 festivals worldwide such as Glastonbury (UK), Coachella (USA), Monterey Jazz Festival (Swiss), Sonar (Spain), Roskilde (Denmark), etc. He has performed in front of over 8 million audiences at 350 cities of 52 countries. He is currently doing world tour in over 30 places a year.

自1994年发行的首张专辑《Krush》开始,至今已在世界范围发行了9张个人专辑,4张混音专辑, 以及3张合辑。他的第6张专辑《Zen》于2002年获得AIFM音乐奖的最佳电子专辑,第8张专辑《Jaku》连续三周登顶CMJ的RPM音乐榜。DJ KRUSH曾参与了全世界200多个音乐的演出,如Glastonbury (UK),Coachella (USA),Monterey Jazz Festival (Swiss),Sonar (Spain),Roskilde (Denmark)等等。在52个国家的350个城市为800万观众带来精彩表演。目前KRUSH正在进行一年30多个场次的世界巡演。

Local Special Guest .本土特别嘉宾:


Yeti B

Jay K

Ticket .票价:

Early Bird . 早鸟 – 100 RMB

Advance . 预售 – 150 RMB

Door .现场 – 200 RMB / 180 RMB SCAN SEVEN Entertainment WECHAT .SEVEN Entertainment (七星

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** Ticket at the door include ONE FREE shot / 现场票含一份免费shot

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