Control Club Presents: Enter the Dragon II Afterparty

每一次幻觉之旅都是对无限探索的一再超越。6月25日上海Arkham, 控制俱乐部将带来龙争虎斗2闭幕狂欢派对。集合伦敦传奇音乐人Daniel O’Sullivan,纽约舞池解构先锋Teengirl Fantasy,北京多媒体实验组合Noise Temple以及上海资深电子音乐人Max Shen,我们将无惧跨越边界,然后微笑降落。

Each trippy journey pushes beyond our pursuit of the infinite. Control Club will present the afterparty for Enter The Dragon II closing events at Shanghai Arkham on 25th June. London-based legendary musician Daniel O’Sullivan, deconstructed dancefloor pioneer duo Teengirl Fantasy from New York, multi-media and experimental duo Noise Temple from Beijing, and senior techno musician Max Shen from Shanghai will all be gathered at the special night. Now we fear no more crossing the boundaries and can land in ecstasy.

控制俱乐部 (Control Club) 是艺术家张鼎于2014年发起的厂牌,以极客、视觉装置、音乐、巨型声音装置等等……建立控制与反控制的某种聚会方式!

Control Club is a sort of parties of both controllability and anti-controllability! By integrating of computer geek, visual installation, music, immersive sound installation etc, it is the label initiated byartist Zhang Ding in 2014.

继2015年10月龙争虎斗在ICA伦敦,张鼎与26组西方音乐人13个即兴的夜晚之后,龙争虎斗2于2016 年5月21日-6月25日在chi K11美术馆登录上海。高能反光装置与阵列声场在每周六晚被一再重置。伦敦的旋转镜屋,对所有亲临体验的音乐人及观众的感官挑战,被上海空间的变幻结构及中国音乐人的加入一再升级。

Back in October 2015, 26 western musicians were invited by Zhang Ding to do collaborated improvisation performance for the Enter the Dragon during 13 wonderful nights at the ICA London. This year Enter the Dragon II has set its foot to Shanghai from 21 May – 25 June. High-powered reflective installation and matrix sound system were reset every Saturday night. The sensory challenges given by spinning mirror maze in London to musicians and audience, which was updated over and over again by the variable space and participation of the Chinese musicians.

来自伦敦的传奇音乐人Daniel O’Sullivan是多种乐器演奏家,唱片制作人及视觉艺术家,师承Peter Cusack和David Toop两位音乐大师,以自由即兴融合迷幻合成器,氛围以及电子。是Ulver, Grumbling Fur, This Is Not This Heat, Mothlite, Laniakea, Sunn O))), Guapo, Miasma & the Carousel of Headless Horses, Miracle & Æthenor等众多乐队和合作项目的重要成员。

London based legendary artist Daniel O'Sullivan is a multi-instrumentalist, producer of records and maker of visual art. He studied under the tutelage of Peter Cusack and David Toop. In Ulver, Grumbling Fur, This Is Not This Heat, Mothlite, Laniakea, Sunn O))), Guapo, Miasma & the Carousel of Headless Horses, Miracle, Æthenor and further art projects, he collages a wide range of musical disciplines from free-form improvisation to hallucinatory synth-pop to extended drone and electric chamber music.

Nick Weiss和Logan Takahashi在Oberlin大学期间都热爱经典House和Techno专辑,并以此为契机制作了一系列另辟蹊径的舞曲音乐。他们的双人组合Teengirl Fantasy通过混合和即兴的方式将音律,采样有机结合并最终完成作品。

While students at Oberlin College, Nick Weiss and Logan Takahashi clicked over a shared love of classic house and techno records that prompted them to make “some kind of dance music that wasn’t just emulating what we were hearing”. Their duo Teengirl Fantasy’s music often forms out of melodies, samples or concepts that through jamming and improvisation organically materialize into full-fledged compositions.

Noise Temple深受德国工业和电子音乐的影响,同时也吸收了日本噪音和实验音乐的成分,正在探索一种即催眠又亢奋,具有现场冲击力的视听感受以及演出形式。

Strongly influenced by German Industrial and Techno Music, also combining with Japanese Noise and Experimental Music, Noise Temple is searching for creating a hypnotic and hyper a/v experience with immersive live impact.

Max Shen是资深的上海电子音乐人,18岁开始职业生涯,有着超过14年的电音阅历。从最早的Progressive到Techno, House直到现在的Indie Dance, Nu Disco,并将Brit Pop, Indie Rock等等融入其中。并不定期举办一系列电音派对,如4X4X4X4。

Max Shen is senior homegrown DJ who started DJing when he was 18, he's been spinning for over 14 years in the electronic music industry, from Techno, Tech house, until now the Indie dance, Nu disco. Besides DJing, he’s also running parties like 4X4X4X4.

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