Arkham Presents Yasmin

Arkham presents Yasmin, a DJ vixen and singer signed under the one and only UK label Ministry of Sound. It’s always nice seeing a female killing the decks, but even more rare to find someone who rules the mic too. Yasmin is a triple threat force to be reckoned with, singing, songwriting, and DJing.

Her first breakthrough was touring with British rapper Example. She was then featured on Devlin’s hit single Runaway, which peaked at #15 on the UK charts. She has now worked with the likes of Ed Sheeran, Major Lazer, and Bloc Party.

Her debut single “On My Own” in 2011 appropriately titled her breakout solo artist, racking up nearly 5 million views. Though don’t be mislead by her charming pop star persona, Yasmin is known for delivering house, UK garage & disco sets and has held a residency on London’s ex-pirate radio station Rinse FM for years.

Will it get pop and pretty or raw and gnarly when she makes her Chinese debut at Arkham July 1st? Only one way to find out (and it involves involves a wechat scan).


Tobias Patrick [12 Inches of Fun]

Nik Hilp [Discosmic Adventure]

PCJ [China Social Club]

Price: 80 RMB/ 60 RMB with wechat scan

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