Arkham Underground

This installment of Arkham Underground features four of the most talented DJs residing in Shanghai and comes with heavy shades of Chi-Town. Man Alive, curator of the Attic Podcast, is a old school Chicago house specialist while Kilo Vee’s sets are full of the modern incarnation of the genre – Footwork.

Minimalist bossman Will A & Void resident nmlss will also blend together some of the best House & Techno on offer in our city.

As ever, we are keeping the entry fee low at 40RMB – and you get a free beer too.

Arkham Underground每一期都会邀请本土优秀DJ们参与演出,本期将邀请Attic Podcast的创始人, 复古Chicago house专家Man Alive,Footwork行家Kilo Vee,而Minimalist创始人Will A以及Void驻场嘉宾nmlss​将送上House & Techno大餐。


Line-up: Kilo Vee, nmlss, Will A, Man Alive

Price: 40RMB


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