SEVEN Entertainment Presents Royal T

Grime has been on a tempestuous journey this past decade that has witnessed its birth, its decline, but significantly its re-emergence.Royal-T is among a rising wave of grime producers, the member of the super trio TQD (Royal T, DJ Q, Flava D).

Forward thinking of Royal T has always made Grime a difference. Following a self-released EP in 2008, Royal-T truly burst onto the scene in 2009 with the 8-bit-tinged 1UP or Shatap EP on No Hats No Hoods. Eventually, he was taken under thewing of fellow grime upstarts Elijah&Skilliam, whose Butterz label released energetic  Royal-T’s productions have even garnered him plaudits from the renowned RinseFM, where he now hosts a weekly show. Rinse has also tapped the young producer for its Rinse Presents series, meaning that the debut album from Royal T slotted alongside efforts from previous series contributors Roska and Brackles.

Grime 音乐在过去10年里有着如过山车的经历与变迁,有起有伏。Grime的诞生,盛行,衰退再到近年的重新崛起过程中,有一个名字被认为跟Grime复兴运动紧密联系 – Royal T。Royal T在近年的Grime崛起时代扮演着重要角色,他是此波热潮中的Grime音乐新星,也是超级天团TQD(Royal T, DJ Q,Flava D)成员之一。

他对于音乐有着独特前卫的思路,他的Grime音乐可谓与众不同。自2008年独立发行EP后,Royal T在2009年于No Hats No Hoods厂牌发行《1UP / Shatap》 EP,彻底震动了Grime 音乐圈。接着他被Grime界头目Elijah & Skilliam签下并在旗下著名厂牌Butterz发行《Orangeade》。Royal T的精彩制作生涯在RinseFM延续,他得到RinseFM的青睐,获得主持每周一档节目的机会,同时Rinse也对他邀约他Rinse Presents系列里发行他首张个人专辑。这也意味着他与Roska和Brackles 等杰出音乐人获得了同等荣誉.

Local Special Guest .本土特别嘉宾:

Yeti B


Kilo Vee

Jado (MC)

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