说起好音乐,Kenny Beats和Ryan Marks 知道如何给大家带来。作为纽约嘻哈音乐制作人和洛杉矶电子音乐制作人,两人组成Loudpvck,一个有活力和多元风格的组合。并且他们拒绝一种风格的音乐。自从2012年他们一起表演后,两人在Berklee College of Music念书相遇并且一起合作。Kenny开始他的音乐事业生涯通过为嘻哈歌手例如Ab Soul、Schoolboy Q、Smoke DZA制作音乐,然而Ryan是在西海岸制作和DJ电音。他们已经合作了无数张单曲和让人振奋的混音作品。Loudpvck 已经与Zed’s Dead、NERVO、Carnage、Paper Diamond 和Dada Life成员都有合作。他们也继续创作出音乐排行榜上的个人作品以及其他合作。

When it comes to good music, Kenny Beats and Ryan Marks know how to bring it. And it will happen the 16th July at Arkham Fam! Together, the NYC hip-hop producer and LA electronic producer make up Loudpvck, a dynamic, genre-mixing duo that refuses to be bound to just one category of music. Performing together since 2012, the two met while attending Berklee College of Music where they joined forces and haven’t looked back since.Kenny got his start in the music business by producing rap artists such as Ab Soul, Schoolboy Q, and Smoke DZA, while Ryan was out on the west coast producing and DJing electronic music. They’ve collaborated on countless tracks and energetic remixes. Loudpvck has worked with everyone from Zed’s Dead, NERVO, Carnage, Paper Diamond & Dada Life to name a few. They continue to mix things up on the music charts with individual projects and outside collaborations.

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