Asian Vibes China Tour with Scalameriya

Asian Vibes China Debut Series comes to it's milestone – the 10th edition! We just love to bring to your door the non popular solid producer and throw the party. This time, we’re going on tour! We will bring the young talent Serbian Scalameriya, together with outstanding local djs from Shanghai, to capture 4 cities in China. New school minimal techno perfectly blend with dubstep and bass music, this unique style has make Scalameriya one of the top secret party weapons in the world. First stop of the tour will be our bass camp Arkham. Together with your good old friend DJs, we will bring you a night of high energy quality music which that will keep you dancing!


Learning about music production & dj-ing from a very young age, has enabled him to discover different ways of making fresh music; creating unforgettable moments on the dance floor. Influenced with old-school techno, he is trying to mold his own version of energy in electronic music. His main inspiration comes from science fiction movies, anime, machines, mythology, ghosts, monsters, ancient technology, and future. With more than 40 releases behind him, Nikola appears on respected labels such as Planet Rhythm, Driving Forces, Der Hut, Eminor, Smallroom, Phobiq, Globox, Konstructure and many more. At some point, he decided to open his own music label, Genesa Records. Scalameriya’s music is being played, charted, and supported by artists like Chris Liebing, Adam Beyer, Perc, Adam X, Speedy J, Joseph Capriati, Richie Hawtin, Laurent Garnier.

Asian Vibes中国首演系列已经第十期了!我们就是要把大家在中国没机会看到的小众实力派制作人带到你们家门口演出,而且这次我们要巡演了!要巡演了!要巡演了!我们要带着上海的优秀本土DJ和来自塞尔维亚的年轻超才华制作人Scalameriya一起中国巡演!独特的New School Minimal Techno和Dubstep,Bass的绝妙融合,令他成为全球最尖Techno新锐制作人之一。7月29日首站当然要放在我们的大本营Arkham,同场DJ都是你们熟悉的老朋友,整晚音乐高能量好跳舞品质有保障!

在非常年轻的时候就开始学习音乐制作和dj,使得Scalameriya能够发现更多创作新鲜音乐以及制造舞池气氛的不同方式。受到old-school techno的影响,他试着塑造自己的音乐所独有的能量。他的主要灵感来源于科幻电影,动漫,机械,神话,幽灵,怪物,古代科技,以及未来。发行超过40首作品,你可以在Planet Rhythm,Driving Forces,DerHut,Eminor,Smallroom,Phobiq,Globox,Konstructure等口碑厂牌看到他的名字。后来他决定成立自己的音乐厂牌,Genesa Records。Scalameriya的音乐已然被众多大牌制作人播放,收入榜单,并且大力支持,其中包括ChrisLiebing, Adam Beyer, Perc, Adam X, Speedy J, Joseph Capriati, Richie Hawtin, Laurent Garnier等等。

阵容 Lineup: Scalameriya / James Lealand / Max Shen / Yoshinaga / VJ Ryo

门票 Entrance: 80RMB (Scan QR code at door for 60RMB)


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