July 30, 2016

Polygon presents Shintaro

Polygon is a mysterious underground musical organization from Shanghai. Experience our first party. We own an abundant resource of DJs who never disappoint. We will make you high and happy.


Shintaro’s musical roots go deep. Already playing drums & piano at four, he started DJing at fifteen. He engaged in various DJ battles and won the 2010 No Tricks Japan & Korea competition at Seoul World DJ festival. In 2013 he won the Red Bull Thre3Style World Championships, becoming the youngest ever DJ to do so.

Shintaro didn’t stop there, and he continued to kill it behind the decks. He is so special not only because he makes the crowd go wild with his scratching skills, but he also keeps them dancing with his smooth mixing, even when switching up genres.

He has embarked on a European tour spanning 7 cities across Belgium, Germany and Holland. Across Asia he often plays in Singapore, Malaysia, Shanghai, Taiwan, and Beijing.

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