2014.12.12 FRI.


Bryan Muller, aka SCNTST, is an accomplished, young German producer forged in the fires of Munich not 21 years ago. Bold, sonically daring, avant-garde, childlike; all ways you (and he) would describe his talent and persona. For years now he’s been churning out sounds more than twice his age in maturity and eminently more refined than most you’ll hear blaring from any club or warehouse stage.

Muller emerged as a prodigy story. He latched on early to heavy influencers like J Dilla, developing a unique sound that boasts everything from suave, melancholic hip hop to pulsing, kinetic electro. His tracks are precise and methodical (even scientific!) at absolutely no loss of rhythmic depth or dancey melodies; it’s all mixed in there amongst eccentric vocal samples, jazz lines, uppity bass licks, you name it. His crisp production got noticed immediately by many that matter, most importantly Boys Noize, who saw the future in this young man and signed him to their label. Big time stuff.

SCNTST is still riding the wave of his latest album release and will be injecting that energy into his live set at Arkham. He’s a boundary-pusher and adamant non-mainstreamist, mixing music for tomorrow. We originally tried to bring him over to the hai in October but that fell through, however he is coming back so as always come unprotected!

Line-Up: SCNTST, R3, EL’SE, ADO8
Date: Friday, December 12th
Venue: Arkham
Address: 1 South Wulumuqi Lu
Ticket: 80RMB – Red Bull Welcome Drink For First 100 Guests


德国techno神童SCNTST是为Boysnoize Records旗下火力正猛的一员主将,1993年生人却有一副比实际年龄更幼齿的面孔,今年的高询问度单曲“Forever 16”似乎正是形容此事。10岁就开启音乐道路,成为父亲乐队中的鼓手,17岁接触techno音乐后,在完全没有旁人帮助的情况下自学成才。

在与伙伴Etnik合作了一系列早期单曲并在一个美国小厂牌发表后,SCNTST的现场表演生涯也随之开始,受Boys Noize、Tiga以及Warp厂牌影响颇深,甚至hip-hop也是他的喜好之一,这让他的作品受到不同受众的欢迎。SCNTST有着别人难以效仿的制作方法,例如从老录像机中采样。从网络打响名号后,他被前辈们大肆推荐,其中便包括Boys Noize,甚至将SCNTST签入自己的厂牌。


Line-Up: SCNTST, R3, EL’SE, ADO8
时间: 12月12日,周六
地点: Arkham,乌鲁木齐南路1号(近衡山路)
票价: 80元

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