10 - Sep

ADV Crew China Tour

Zhengzai Xianchang affliated by Modern sky is co-hosting “ADV CHINA TOUR” Premier tour in china with South Korea’s biggest Hiphop website “HIPHOPLE”. As in china it is the first on-line and off-line sync live show , which will give you new entertainment Eco-sphere and performance form, shootings on stage and behind the scene, all live and fresh music show.

In Asia, Hiphop influences a lot in South Korea and more refined with young Korean’s preference and emotion making it unique and fashionable. With more reation and independence integrated into Hiphop, this generation attracts more people and becomes more popular.

ADV Crew(Angdreille), since the establishment in early 2000s, has been engaged at promotion of street hiphop, in 2014, they had more fun on “Street Rap Shit(SRS)” circuit performance, which became one of the most significant performances on street culture, at present, ADV Crew is a top level group in Korea’s Street Hiphop circle.

In ADV Crew, you can do anything you want as long as you can do it cool enough, we always do our best to stage you “ said JJK(ADV Crew & SRS leader), which exactly what Modern sky do, we can never say “no” to any good music, we are cool enough to make you cool.

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