24th Sep

4x4x4x4 presents Audiohell

Since the late 90’s this legendary italian DJ is an eclectic artist that held various roles during his long career. He is founder of several record labels (Digital Traffik, the most famous), radio speaker at Ibiza Global Radio, owner of an important recording studio (AudioHell Department) and manager of important events in Italy and abroad (IUM Ibiza Underground Movement – his latest world tour). Jimi has always been a musician in love and addicted to music, he also works as a producer under different nicknames like “AudioHell” and “Audiosun” in labels like 8BIT, Snatch!, Monza Ibiza and more).Jimi has played in the best Clubs around the World since 1998 with regular dj-sets in Tresor Berlin, Movida London, Mazoom Le Plaisir, Space Ibiza (he mixed 2 official compilations with this label) and in the most important world’s tours around Arabia, Europe, Asia and USA. He started his professional career with his nickname “Jimithesun” in 1998 around Slovenia and Eastern Europe, where played in different clubs like Ambasada Gavioli, Lipa, Bellevue and he took part in the most important festivals like Valkana Beach. In 2002 he was hired as resident DJ by Cafè l’Atlantique, one of the best club in Milan. From 2003 Jimi has managed and directed some of the best after parties along the north of the country like DNA Club, Florida, Trinity and DoNotDisturb with Mazoom.Thanks to the great influence of these events he has become quickly one of the most respected djs of the Italian underground music scene, and in 2004 he inaugurated his annuals tour in the best clubs of the South of Brasil, where he is praised as pioneer of electronic music. In 2005, his first CD album release “House Terrace” on Smilax Publishing and his first vinyl “Flying Trees” on Kebosh Rec, Jimi founded his own record label: Digital Traffik, which becomes a real focus for all underground music scene. In 2006, Jimi performed at Mint Club for WMC Miami and worked as resident dj at Space Ibiza for the “Day Off by Zenith” who with he mixed the official CD compilation : “Zenith – Live in Space Ibiza”, a big success all over the world. In 2007/08, after Zenith Space World Tour, Jimi started to perform monthly at Movida Club in London with Dj V and his Digital Traffik showcase.

In 2009 after his London experience, he started an another important collaboration with Tresor Berlin as regulary guest DJ and exclusive brand promoter for Italy for 3 years. During these years Digital Traffik produced various vinyls and also showcases-CDS : “Movida London – Digital Traffik Showcase”, “We believe in House Musik – Berfi’s Club”, “The underground sound of Milan by Jimithesun – Double CD”. After 4 years in 2010 Jimithesun came back at Space Ibiza as DJ resident for “Cafe Ole” with Komitee crew. In 2011 he has been a resident dj as well for Space Ibiza and Komitee, for which he mixed an other Space official CD releases.

Today Jimi is dealing in different sectors: IUM world tour, record label management and ,most important, he is moving towards his new “AUDIOHELL DEPARTMENT” near Venice. He is also working on different record productions. Latest his new releases on 8BIT, Snatch!, Digital Traffik, Suara with his friends Jose De Divina and Tania Vulcano.

80RMB Includes 1 Drink
Support: Max Shen / Yoshinaga / Deep 19

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