05 October

Yeti Dis:ko & RDC presents Kenji Takimi

YETI Dis:ko vs Rainbow Disco Club featuring: KENJI TAKIMI (Crue:L Records / Tokyo)

Wednesday October 5th

10 月 5 日(周三)

现场票 DOOR 90 RMB 门口扫二维码 80 RMB WITH SCAN

Kenji Takimi (Crue:L Records)

Laura Ingalls (Crue:L Records)

Allan Marshall (YETI Dis:ko)

Carlos Gibbs (Rainbow Disco Club)

YETI dis : ko 再次联手日本 Rainbow Disco Club,让你在黄金周假期期间享受到最纯正的 Left-field 音乐。继去年 Psychemagik 之后,此番我们欢迎来自 Crue:L 唱片的主脑人物 Kenji Takimi 回归魔都,并一同展示由定制 BMX 车控制的 LED 艺术装置,缔造震慑视听的顶级派对!

Kenji Takimi可谓是独立disco和leftfield文化先驱,他将浪漫,具空间感和异气十足的曲风结合与一体。25年的制作与音乐经验也让他成为日本独立音乐界屈指可数的人物。Kenji因他的“Crue-l-Grand Orchestra“和“Luger-E-Go”等作品出名最近也是有了“being borings”的新名号。

Kenji也曾为Sebastien Tellier ,Nina Kraviz, Dimitri from Paris 等众多艺人制作remix 并与Liminaries Theo Parrish, Andrew Weatheral 和DJ Harvey等共同制作单曲。也是如今House音乐世界中屈指可数的亚洲力量.

YETI Dis:ko teams up with Japan’s own Rainbow Disco Club once again to give you a healthy taste of Leftfield this Golden Week Holiday. Following on from Psychemagik last year we welcome back to Shanghai Crue:L Record’s head honcho Kenji Takimi alongside a custom DMX controlled LED installation

Kenji is a true pioneer of the Leftfield/Alternative Disco scene. Master of the Romantic,Spacey,Eclectic style. This legacy has been 25 years in the making, and along with his seminal Crue-L Records label. They are at the forefront of Japanese alternative music scene.

Kenji is best known for his critically-acclaimed work as“Crue-l Grand Orchestra“and“Luger E-Go”and more recently under his new moniker “Being Borings“. Kenji has released remixes for artists such as Sebastien Tellier ,Nina Kraviz, Dimitri from Paris and has worked with dance Liminaries Theo Parrish, Andrew Weatheral and DJ Harvey. being the first Asia producer to collaborate with the latter nack in the heady days of House music.

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