May 29, 2017

Thaiboy Digital

Thanapat Thaothawong, better known by his stage name Thaiboy Digital is a Thai-Swedish rapper. His mixtape Tiger received a 5 in Swedish newspaper DN and has performed at the Royal Swedish Theater. Thaiboy Digital is a part of the Sad Boys with other artists such as Bladee and Yung Lean.

As a member of Gravity Boys/Drian Gang that took form in 2012 in Stockholm, Thaiboy Digital, Bladee and Ecco2k was in need of a producer with the aeristic and technical ability to realise and develop their visions to blend rap with a heavy autotuning soundscape. They talked to producer Whitearmor and it was an instant match. They found their style and started to release tracks and videos

Simultaneously they met Yung Lean and Sad Boys and a creative clique took form. GTBSB. Bonded by friendship as well as music. After releases such as the < ส > ( Tiger ) and collaborations with DJ KENN and Lil Flash, Thaiboy Digital are now setting off on his own path of pushing the boundaries of rap with his progressive sounds and aesthetics. By the Way, Thaiboy Digital also collaborate with rappers from his motherland Thailand.
Diamonds-Thaiboy Digital ft. Yung Lean


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