June 15


Shanghai, Red8 and SHFT. have come together because quite simply we have mad love for MOON BEARS, and we want to throw a big dirty hiphop party to raise money to get our homies out of their cages and into the Chengdu Bear Rescue Centre.

To break it down for you, Moon Bears from childhood get put in cages and have their bile painfully extracted and used as a hangover cure by partygoers. Basically, we are not down for that. If you need help getting out of bed the morning after a rager, just pop a few advil, don’t go savage on the Moon Bears.

 We have some of the biggest names in the City coming out to show love on this night. Real Live Rap Sh!t with KOZAY, BLOW FEVER, AL ROCCO, DOUBLEX2, MR.TROUBLE and DJs – CAVIA, FADER ONE, LACYCHU and LUCE. AKA it’s going to be a MASSIVE night. Ticket prices are only 120 RMB and they include a very rare LOVE 4 MOON BEARS T-SHIRT designed by the queen herself RIGEL DAVIS.

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