June 22

Arkham pres. LeBRON (AUS)

LeBRON has recently released his first album ‘Moonlight Love’ through Yeatron Music, as well as released various EP’s such as ‘Angelis’ and ‘Paperworks’. Lebron is most known however for his uniquely well-crafted mixtapes which have a massive following throughout the music platforms throughout the world.

LeBRON has been in high demand since his first tour of Europe in 2014. This includes establishing a residency in Paris, as well as playing throughout France, Netherlands, Germany, Italy and the UK. He has also had successful tours of the United States, in which his fan base has continued to grow.

He supported Breakbot and Irfane throughout their Australian Tour in late 2016.
In 2016, he also launched his Video Show, which is a simultaneous music and video performance that provides a stellar

interactive experience, bringing a new dynamic to his whole production.
He will be playing at festivals such as Calvi on the Rocks this year, with tours lined up for Europe and Asia in 2017.

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