June 24

Preme x Awful Records FATHER (US)

With 2 million hits on YouTube,there was no doubt that ‘Look At Wrist’ brought the Atlanta underground rapper Father into public consciousness. Since then, Father’s been a part of headlining performances at SXSW.

The SoundCloud description of Who’s Gonna Get Fucked First? states its intent plainly: “32-mins of pure, unfiltered debauchery.” This is party music about girls and drugs and fights, over efficient beats with lots of empty space.

There’s a lot of sexual liberation in Father’s music, and he thinks it makes people feel free.  Rather than others, Father just want to make fun and enjoy performing.

About seven years ago, Awful Records began as a group of likeminded Atlanta ‘weirdos’ who liked to party and make art. In 2014, their leader, Father, released a record that brought the collective from underground Atlanta obscurity to Internet-legend status. In 2017, hugely influential and ever experimental, Awful is still a group of iconoclasts pushing life to the limits through their unapologetic art and party- habits.

 “ I’m not trying to make club bangers. I just want to make fun shit and something I would enjoy performing. ”

“ I guess it’s a lot of Atlanta rappers that fall in the ‘trap of making trap music’. That works well in the club, but it’s not like people can listen to the shit all day. ”

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