July 28th

7/28//shft. pres. Malaa

So who is Malaa? There has been endless guessing around this masked figures identy. Is it a girl? Is it a boy? Who knows, all we know is that Dj Snake, Aazar, Tchami, and Malaa all share the same manager and all of them, minus Malaa, are signed with the North American booking agent, Paradigm. Most people assume that Malaa must be either DJ Snake, Tchami or Mercer, but all three artists have performed at different events while Malaa was playing.
More recently, Malaa released his signature “Who is Malaa” #16 mix, which consisted of 8 tracks with heavy ass house drums.

While Malaa has been busy with tours including the “Pardon My French” Tour headlined by DJ Snake, Malaa managed to sNll make Nme to make a incredible EP enNtled “Ilicit” and dropped an incredible collab with Tchami called “Prophesy”.
This friday SHFT presents you Victor Aime with Malaa. Presale already sold out, but u can still seize the chance to get ur tickets at door and hype with us

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