August 5


Coming from the background as an anesthetist Lil Akin never thought one day he would cure countless lost hearts in singing. Akin’s delicate control of his voice’s up and down is unmatched, his voice echoes down to the deepest part of your heart, bring you to a brand new dimension.

Akin’s well-known Kazakh poet grandpa surely has passed the poetic side to Akin.  Akin’s songs are structured with futuristic lyrics, fused with waves of beating bass and mellow beats. Listening to his songs, it’s hard to believe that the owner of such a gentle and romantic voice actually come from the faraway North west of China, where gobi is located.

After releasing his single “Blue Moon”, Akin worked with Visudy on several songs like “Give u my tape” ”Seaside Motel” . Akin also cooperated with SUSUSU and JZLee. His unique R&B style has brought him fame globally as soul singer/song writer. His songs were aired on UK Radio Rinse FM.

In the “Xiami seeking light” project, Akin went to LA to work with BMG’s music producers as one of the representatives of China’s best musicians. Akin worked with Chris Brown’s producer Non-Fiction and created 4 songs.


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