AUG 17

Arkham pres.JIAMING

This Thursday, Arkham, together with Beatween, is introducing: JIAMING–an all-round DJ from Beijing, DAZZY–a young and popular Shanghai-based DJ and RAYTHM–who can easily play around with hip-hop and future bass. Ready to take a trip to the music planet!

Jiaming is a Chinese underground Hip Hop scene mainstay. He is a producer/dj/rapper of Beijing Hip Hop group Itsogoo, and also a record dealer. These days, he is the main host for Beatween’s parties and events, as well as the crew’s podcast show Beatween Radio. Jiaming’s passionate and approachable presence always impresses the crowd.

After moving to Xiamen in 2010, Jiaming took the inspiration from his living environments, and created “就是玩儿”(Just For Fun) and “周二店休” along with fellow beatmaker Raz. Two Beats/ Instrumentals style album that were released by Elevation (Japan) and Mimm (UK) respectively.

In 2017, marking the 10th anniversary of Itsogoo, they released a new album “宇宙岛民” (Universal Islanders) and kicked off a 9-city tour across mainland China. The album received positive feedback from Noisey, Wooozy, Xiami and etc.

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