4x4x4x4 presents: Alex Bau (Cocoon/Credo/DE)

4x4x4x4 presents Alex Bau on 9th Nov, Alex Bau is really good Techno dj and Producer.He is operation his Label Cerdo also Alex is important dj from Cocoon! in front Berlin Twin Lakes Festival play with Bloody Mary/Camea/FJAAK/Llario Alicante /Tiefschwarz . He will brings profound electronic music aesthetics to lonely Shanghai Thursday night life.

4x4x4x4 electronic music party plant was established in 2013. After the establishment, they promoted the pure electronic dance music culture focused in Shanghai these years, with the music style characterized by Minimal, House and Techno. We do not only dedicate to promoting local outstanding electronic musicians, but also keep good relationships in cultural exchanges with international electronic music party labels, and have artists from both parts for international exchanges on electronic music art. So far,we have successfully invited a series of international musicians such as Arnoud Le Texier/Barnt/ ShinNishimura/ Deepbass/ Freddie Glitch/ Drunken Kong /Audiohell/James What/Basti Grub/Marco Effe/Ron Costa/DoomWork/Yoshi Horino/Elvis.T/Joachim Spieth to communicate performance.

Alex Bau

An affection to vinyl at an early stage is most probably the best precondition to become somebody finally ending up playing those vinyls for people. Somebody with a musical background. Somebody picking the right record at the right time. Somebody serving and educating people at the same time. Somebody being called DJ.

This fascination for records, starting in the mid 80ies as a collector, and later on in the early 90ies as a it`s still the music that counts. This is what Alex approves throughout his constant touring and gigs around the globe. This music is filtered by the DJ, performed in different ways, maybe even manipulated. But it`s the music itself which has the impact on the visitors of the club or festival so that their reaction scales the intensity of this particular experience. It ́s the music itself which is the key element for a good performace and which has to be supported by a good, powerful soundsystem, a fitting surrounding and the technical way it is performed. Equal to the formula „the whole party is like a movie and while the people on the dancefloor are the mainactors, I am just delivering the soundtrack. As simple as that.“

This exactly is Alex Bau`s credo. Not hard to find the connection to the name of his label. And it does not only apply to his dj performances. His numerous productions on labels like Cocoon, previously also on CLR or Sleaze any many more, but mainly on Credo, perfectly reflect the idea of creating the tension by quality and subtile change and progress which is needed to finally explode.

Max Shen

Max Shen was born in Shanghai. He runs Arkham club and set up electronic music group 4*4*4*4. He carrys out the development of house/ techno dance in China and introduces current electronic music artists exchanges and acts as the DJ of Asians Vibes for Asia techno vanguard group. He is also regular visitor of current art-multimedia activities for interdisciplinary performance artist Tian ZhuoChen, Zhang Ding’s series of “Enter the Dragon”, 021 Art Fair and Madeln etc and music festival for “Strawberry” “Modernsky” “Intro” “Boiler Room China“etc. He will sign Italian music label Digital Traffik and star his new journey in Europe.

Early on, Max was deeply affected by Sasha & John Digweed. He began to show as DJ in 2000 and got crush on British avant-garde of the day for John Digweed’s bedrock label company, Dave Seamman and Steve Lawler etc. Minimalism influnced the music trend of world and Max Shen in 2007 through time and change. He has insisted on the house/Techno music of Germany and Middle Europe combining dark and deep Bass Line and voice of technology into stage from Drity House to Dub Techno for ten years.

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