February 10th. Sat. 10:00 PM - late

“Officially Noted” OUTPUT×ARKHAM


New media art platform OUTPUT and Arkham Club are honored to present “Officially Noted”—New Media Art Music Party. OUPUT will bring artwork from four contemporary visual artists—Feng Mengbo, Li Shurui, Marpi & Sehyun AV Kim, to collaborate and interact with music performance by four DJs, through which the artists will explore the intriguing fusion of music and new media art and the fresh possibility of re-creation at site. In celebration of the upcoming Chinese New Year, the artists and musicians will bring to the audience an immersive, interactive performance of such uniqueness and innovation, that the audience will have one of the most unforgettable visual and sensual experiences within the four hours’ performance.


The leading figure of Chinese new media art Feng Mengbo will perform on stage himself with his video work of Shanghai art décor style inspired by old movies from the 1930s, in collaboration with the minimalism techno music of DJ Cavia.


High-profile art star Li Shurui will present her latest digital sculpture work in collaboration with DJ Charp.


Artwork from Marpi, a San Francisco-based artist, will generate image in accordance to the music of DJ LinFeng and movement from surroundings, providing the audience with an empty digital canvas to create on their own.


Korean emerging artist Sehyun AV Kim will bring artwork about divinity and freedom, to explore the relationship between visual and sound with DJ Gooooose.


February 10th. Sat. 10:00 PM – late


ARKHAM, 168 Julu Lu, Shanghai


Presale 80 RMB

Door 120 RMB




冯梦波 Feng Mengbo×DJ Cavia

李姝睿 Li Shurui×DJ Charp

Marpi×DJ LinFeng

Sehyun AV Kim×DJ Gooooose

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