February 23rd. Fri. 10:00 PM - late

4x4x4x4 pres. DEL HORNO (EL ROW/ES)


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Born in Barcelona (Spain) Ricardo’s career in the music industry started in the end of the 80´s, initially as a Funky D.J., and shortly after that, he was playing House music, which was the basis of his firsts sessions.

His enormous talent and his excellent music selection led to his move into a large discothèque, “La Sala Desliz.” Shortly after, he was working in famous venues, such as “Comics “and “Verdi”, while at the same time being involved in some of the major After Hours in Barcelona like “DB” and “Kodigo”.

One year later, while still spinning in the After Hours, he began working along side with Cesar de Melero in” ON-OFF” (Poble Espanyol’s Club). It was at this time that Ricardo began to be recognized as being among the group of prestigious deejays working in Barcelona, and also in Ibiza and a level of international recognition was accruing.

Ricardo’s next residency, in the famous “Chasis” in Mataro, was to be the most important in terms of his professional career. (He performed in a club where the attendance reached 10.000 people each weekend).

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For the next 9 years in Chasis, he achieved major success and his reputation spread throughout Spain.

He began to make contacts with record producers and his first recording made it to No. 1 on both the dance floors and radio play lists, This success resulted in the issue of another four maxis under the name of the Chasis.These were followed by the production of 5 records from the group “Interplanet”.

In the year 2000,the magazine “Djone” awarded “The Messhias”, another collaboration of Ricardo, with the prizes of Progressive group of the year and also best techno-dance deejay.Other awards include that from the Oriol Carrio’s radio show and the Magazine DEEJAY.He has been in charge of the record label Tune of Vale Music.

As regards the compilations the 5 cd’s under the Chasis name, three of which went Gold (50.000 copies sold) and the final two platinum (100.000 copies sold actually reaching sales in excess of 120.000) stand out. In addition, there have been the 5 compilations Technics in the Festival sessions, Master Dj’s, Dj club 1 and Dj club 2, 100% 90´s the sessions… .His music has also been heard through the medium of television commercial advertising- for the magazine “Disney” & “Peta Zeta” and on the radio show as Maxima FM.

Ricardo has traveled with his music throughout Spain, and further afield in France, Russia, and (Moscow, Volgograd, Perm, Kastrama, and Marlboro tour) Germany (Berlin, Cologne) Poland (Warsaw, Lodz, Krakow)  Miami (Metropolis Downtown- Winter Music Conference) Ukraine (Privilege-Kiev, Odessa) New york City (Manhattan) Croatia ( Zagreb, Duvrovnik) Italy (Riccione) Serbia (Novi sad) Bulgaria, Tunisia, Brazil, Korea, China, Thailand, Indonesia (Bali, Jogjakarta) Colombia… etc etc.



Max Shen was born in Shanghai. He runs Arkham club and set up electronic music group 4x4x4x4. He carrys out the development of house/ techno dance in China and introduces current electronic music artists exchanges and acts as the DJ of Asians Vibes for Asia techno vanguard group. He is also regular visitor of current art-multimedia activities for  interdisciplinary performance artist Tian Zhuo Chen(ASIANDOPEBOYS), Zhang Ding’s series of “Enter the Dragon”, 021 Art Fair and Madeln etc and music festival for “Strawberry” “Modernsky” “Intro” “Boiler Room Beijing China“etc. He will sign Italian music label Digital Traffik and star his new journey in Europe.

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Early on, Max was deeply affected by Sasha & John Digweed. He began to show as DJ in 2000 and got crush on British avant-garde of the day for John Digweed’s bedrock label company, Dave Seamman and Steve Lawler etc. Minimalism influnced the music trend of world and Max Shen in 2007 through time and change. He has insisted on the house/Techno music of Germany and Middle Europe combining dark and deep Bass Line and voice of technology into stage from Drity House to Dub Techno for ten years.

DJ koze/Slam/Arnaud le Texier/DoomWork/ Martin Eyerer/Brois/Brant /Yuksek/Cold Cut/Marco Effe/Audiohell/James What/VSK/Drumcall/Shalanaya/Alex Smoke/Sasha/Drunkon Kong/Shin Nishimura/Electric Rescue/Alex Bau/Deep Bass/Go Hiyama/Para one/Daedelus/French Fries/Sian/Ramon Tapia/Adam Freeland/Timo mass/Anri/ Inga Mauer/Roy Davis JR/Biecp/Lawrence/Kevin Sauderson/Headless Horseman/Ron Costa Stephanie Sykes/MO/MachineDrum/DJ Falcon/Joachim Spieth/ Markus Sukut/Nur Jaber


February 23rd. Fri. 10:00 PM – late


ARKHAM, 168 Julu Lu, Shanghai


Presale 80RMB

Door 100RMB

(include 1 shots)


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Max Shen

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