February 24th. Sat. 10:00 PM - late

SEVEN Entertainment pres. Back 2 the Golden Age

Who are your idols in those years? Have you been avid fan of Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys, Andy Lau? Are you trying to comb Aaron Kwok, Jimmy Lin hair style to impress?

On 24th Feb is no same same night like what SEVEN Entertainment presented regularly with Bass, House, Hip Hop, but we will bring you to another era “Back 2 the Golden Age” instead, special guest DJs Demone, Watermelon and Senders Chen will lead us to relive those golden songs, a night to dance, sing along with those hit songs we heard in those years!



China’s greatest Old School / Mashup DJ;Founder of the biggest online music radio in China – Tangsuan Radio; Party Label RETRODANCE / Pop City inc. and the leader of Hielektromen Band.
DEMONE performs at the hottest parties and events in town. His taste in music gives him unique style as he mixes and matches various genres of music to great effect.
DEMONE is also a well-known photographer and album cover designer. His widely experience in creative art & pop culture is indispensable in the development of Hielektromen.


Watermelon 01

WATERMELON, after 14 years living abroad, returned to Beijing in 2013, joined the well-known retro party brand RETRODANCE and gain his reputation locally, while studying abroad he’s booked for fashion week, and parties regularly. He plays from clubs to cafe, fashion show to music festival with DISCO, FUNK, HOUSE, JAZZ, ELECTROCLASH, BREAKBEAT, RAREGROOVE, CITYPOP.

He grew up in a musical family, rhythm and tempo was plant in his body since he was born which bring him to a unique DJ today, and also he is a record collector.

In 2014, he participate in establishing TOUCH IT video program, a platform to promote local DJ culture.In 2015, he partner with DJ Demone founded an online offline brand POPCITY INC focus on building urban culture.

Senders Chen

Senders Chen

When Senders talks about music, he is talking about his life, not only lofty ideals and objectives. “Life is Live” his philosophy of life and his musical ideas are closely related as they are the unity of opposites—never stop exploring , and all highlights on his performances are way stations.

From 2009, based on Live-set and DJ, Senders successively started live performances with his own works of Techno,House,Minimal music.Co-worked with different kinds of labels such as FOOTPRINT, Project Sync, Intro Festival, DADA Bar, Club Lantern. Shared stage with Electric Rescue,DJ Shufflemaster,FJAAK,Samuli Kemppi ,Elvis.T,SHAO(Dead J),MHP.

In Dec, 2013 , Senders regrouped the indie podcast & party organizer “Slumber Station”, which launches parties every season, and makes electronic music podcast. “Slumber Station” has become one of the very first podcast of verified batches on “NETEASY Cloud Music”. 2015,Senders release album <The Bad Trip In Daydream>.Maybe Senders is different from the normal Chinese DJs. He doesn’t simply “play” music, pop music, or top lists. What he yearns for is to convey information to each fan: Indie, Minimal, Technical, Creativity. No matter facing livehouse crowds, party animals, or any internet pals, Senders always shows enthusiasm for performing at every music scene & party.


February 24th. Sat. 10:00 PM – late


ARKHAM, 168 Julu Lu, Shanghai


Presale 50RMB

Door 100RMB




Senders Chen
VJ Ryo

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