SATURDAY - 7.3.15

S.T.D. Presents | James Lavelle [UNKLE/Mo’Wax, UK]

Day 2 of Arkham’s Two Year Anniversary Weekend coming your way!

This time STD is stepping in to bring you a legend of the trip-hop and psych-rock scene, one who’s been moulding music since his early teenage years, redefining the way we look at genre and sound altogether. His influence in the world of electronic music is virtually peerless and his more than 20 years of experience DJing, producing and so much more have established him as one of the world’s most interesting artists to follow. Shanghai, get ready for James Lavelle.

Lavelle is many things: DJ, producer, promoter, designer, director, you name it. Talent and creativity ooze from this one. Searching for a way to channel his energy early on, he founded now-famous record label, Mo’Wax, in 1992 when he was not even 20 years old. With Lavelle at the helm, Mo’Wax grew famous for its genre irreverence, becoming a confluence of multiple mediums and generating boundless projects that defied categorization, marrying music, video, dance, fashion, toys and much more. Beyond art, Mo’Wax morphed into a lifestyle and cultural movement. The label went on to release DJ Shadow’s, Entroducing……, which became one of the most seminal LP’s of the past two decades.

As a musician, Lavelle is best known as a member of UNKLE, an experimental pysch-rock and trip hop outfit created with long-time friend Tim Goldsworthy. UNKLE has a handful of LP’s which span a wide range of sounds, from hip-hop to rock, and which feature a number of amazing artists, such as Josh Homme and Thom Yorke. In his music you’ll find sounds that are sinister, foggy, contemplative, and always powerful, manifested in records and live events that stick to your brain like glue.

Well shit, this is a damn good way to kick in the door on Arkham’s 3rd year! It’s been two years since Arkham was erected as host of this experimental music contagion, and we’re still pushing to spread it further and wider. You want in? Come Saturday. Come unprotected.

Line-Up: James Lavelle // R3 // ADO8 // HOWELL // LINFENG
Date: Saturday, March 7th
Venue: Arkham
Entry: 80RMB Presale // 150RMB Door
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3/07 S.T.D.呈现 - James Lavelle[UNKLE/MOWAX,UK]

James Lavelle无疑是一个有品牌意识的音乐人。

90年代,年轻的James Lavelle和Tim Goldsworthy创建起音乐公司Mo’Wax。发布旗下的第一张专辑Endtroducing,在电音界掀起风暴,直到今天都令人津津乐道。此后James Lavelle一直以UNKLE命名自己,进行创作,与Thom Yorke, DJ Shadow, Richard Ashcroft合作,创作了一批高质量的Free-roaming电子乐辑,出品公司一栏都标上醒目的“Mo’Wax”。

除了经营自己的品牌,James Lavelle同时是一名极具天赋的音乐人,各大Club不间断的盛情邀请令他分身不暇。他是屡居电音权威杂志DJ magazine,“世界百大俱乐部排行榜”前茅的伦敦Fabric Club的驻场DJ,同时也是聚集各路潮人的Womb club与 Zouk club的长期合作DJ。同时还为知名电音品牌Global Underground合成交杂House,Techno,Breaks不同曲风的音乐系列。

James Lavelle的音乐风格自由不羁,对不同种类音乐的深刻理解,使他的对音乐掌控自如,合成器与音效的自由转换,现场诡异多变的视觉效果,释放心底积压已久的激情,震颤在搏击的鼓点中。









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