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S.T.D. Presents | Sweater Beats [USA]

“S.T.D.’s got another dope one coming your way. We’ve locked down Brooklyn producer, Antonio Cuna, AKA Sweater Beats for a set at, you guessed it, Arkham, the one and only. Cuna’s brand is smoooooth and infectious, often channelling 90’s tinged R&B through all the finest bass and bounce of contemporary dance music. Groovy vocal samples are spliced together with deep, elastic bass lines and tricky synths, ultimately filling a space somewhere between babymaking and dance. The effect is seismic.

Sweater Beats first took off with the release of his single “”MLLN DLLR”” which caught the attention of some big names like Diplo, Para One, Annie Mac and more. He’s now working with LA label, Huh, What & Where (HW&W) molding a thousand new ways to make your booty bounce.

Have a listen for yourself (https://soundcloud.com/sweaters), these tracks belong in your headphones just as much as they do on the dance floor.

This one comes recommended. Energy will be high. If you’re a fan of guys like Flume or Snakehips then you have no business missing Sweater Beats. Plus, you’ll wanna be there when he drops something like “”Say My Name”” over bottomless bass so you can yell “”oooohh shiitt”” and jerk your head around like an idiot. Gun be fun, this one. Catch ya out there.

Line-Up: Sweater Beats, SSOSO, DAMACHA, Victor Aime
Date: Friday, December 19th
Venue: Arkham
Address: 1 South Wulumuqi Lu
Ticket: 60RMB”
“S.T.D. 呈现 — Sweater Beats[USA]

来自纽约的DJ兼音乐制作人Antonio Cuna以Sweater Beats这个名字开启了自己的音乐生涯。他的音乐风格是典型的R&B电子音乐。尽管还只是初出茅庐,Sweater Beats对合成器的精湛把握和熟练的混音技巧已经为他赢来不小的名气。今年9月他发布了与Symbols的合作EP,与Sweater Beats合作过的音乐人包括:Diplo, Annie Mac, Para One。

女歌手的性感声音是Sweater Beats的灵感来源,他的成名曲分别来自Rihanna 和 Ciara的热门歌曲“Cake”和“I‘m Out”。尽管两首曲目的制作与发布与版权保护的法律相悖,却迅速为Sweater Beats建立名声,赢得一批追随者。他夹杂迷幻的快节奏曲风和恰到好处的热烈鼓点,一边刺激听者的耳朵,一边让他们不由自主的摇头摆脑。Sweater Beats立志创作的每一首音乐都能勾起听众的舞蹈欲望。

在电子与R&B中,Sweater Beats对后者更加偏爱。这体现在他作品中,R&B占据的明显主导地位。他说自己的音乐就是R&B,并表示现在创作的这些曲子就是2020年R&B应该的样子。

有人觉得Sweater Beats将电子音乐与R&B混合的方式不伦不类,并满嘴醋意的把他比作难登大雅之堂、只适合在卧室播放的“果酱音乐”。直到Sweater Beats的音乐被各大Clubs争先播放。

如今,Sweater Beats的音乐旅程已经到达米兰、布鲁克林、纽约等城市。头顶“R&B“”合成器天才“标签的音乐后起之秀,一边向世界传递风格独特的音乐理念,一边继续自己特立独行的音乐实验。

Support:Sweater Beats // SSOSO // DAMACHA // Victor Aime

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