2014.12.20 SAT.

FakeLoveMusic – ELECTRIC CITY电市: RODION [Nova Heart Producer]

gomma / producer of Nova Heart

Date / Place: December 20th, 2014 @ Arkham
Door: 80 RMB (70 if you scan our QR code)

After CSS, HOT CHIP, BLOC PARTYs KELE OKEREKE, BONAPARTE, JUVENILES & DENGUE DENGUE DENGUE, THE CAIROS & NOVA HEART FakeLoveMusic´s five year anniversary celebrations continue with the last edition of ELECTRIC CITY for this year. And the story of this one started pretty much exactly 4 years ago.

It was in the end of 2010, when Philipp (aka METRO TOKYO) organized the last european tour for PET CONSPIRACY with Helen as their lead singer. After 3 years of laying the grounds for electronic bands in China, a chapter had closed. But a new one opened in a subsequent holiday to Istanbul. While visiting shows of BOTTIN & the CHROMATICS Helen and Philipp ended up drinking Raki with Italian Disco cowboy turned King of Queer Voodoo Beats RODION.

A drunken night in Istanbul finally laid the foundation for NOVA HEART. Four years after that fateful night, and just one week after the release of the Nova Heart debut album he produced, it is a great pleasure for us to welcome RODION back to Shanghai (you remember him from TICTs beach moustache party) to join our 5 year anniversary celebrations wiht the last ELECTRIC CITY of 2014. It will be a big one!

“FakeLoveMusic非刻呈现:电市之 Rodion
嘉宾:METRO TOKYO,Helen 冯海宁(及来自蒂华纳的神秘嘉宾)

日期/时间:12月20日 Arkham
在CSS, HOT CHIP, BLOC PARTY的KELE OKEREKE, BONAPARTE, JUVENILES & DENGUE DENGUE DENGUE, THE CAIROS & NOVA HEART的轮番登场后,FakeLoveMusic的五周年庆祝活动将以本年度最后一次电市演出结束。关于这次的嘉宾Rodion,一切要从差不多四年前说起。
2010年末,我们刚好结束了Helen作为宠物同谋主唱的最后一次欧洲巡演。在为中国电子乐队打下基础的三年后,一个乐章就此休止,而下一章的灵感却在随后的伊斯坦布尔之旅中迸发。Helen与Philipp在Bottin&the Chromatics的演出上认识了意大利Disco牛仔Rodion,如今化身为巫毒之王的他,同Helen、Philipp两人一见如故,这个夜晚最终在痛饮土耳其Raki酒中结束,也给Nova Heart的成型带来了新的契机。
这个把酒尽欢之夜最终为Nova Heart的成立埋下了根基。在伊斯坦布尔的命运之夜的四年之后,也就是在他为Nova Heart制作的新专辑发布一周之后,Rodion再一次回到了熟悉的上海(你还记得TICT海滩小胡子派对的那次吧),为2014年最后一场电市作收官演出。加入电市,这一次将无比盛大!”

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