FRIDAY - 17.4.15

Acid Pony Club x Cliché Records Presents | Andy Hart & San Soda

For their first night together at Arkham, Acid Pony Club & Cliché Records are happy to join forces with not one but two very special guests Andy Hart and Panorama Bar resident San Soda!

San Soda [WPH / Panorama Bar Resident / Belgium]

Couched in US house and techno but calling on Afro, disco or electro when required, San Soda has been playing around the world pretty much non-stop for the last half decade. Most often found playing vinyl, preferably on rotary mixers and in his own unique way, this Belgium born but Berlin based talent likes his careful selections do the talking. It shows in his predictably unpredictable DJ sets, which are made up of carefully chosen gems unearthed from years of digging.
San Soda is also co-founder of the We Play House label, which has been the home to most of his textured, analogue house and techno releases and has helped to further his reputation as someone who prises quality over everything else.

Andy Hart [Voyage / Melbourne Deepcast / Australia]

Having launched two record labels, a podcast, numerous brands, parties and a string of releases with labels and artists from around the world, Andy Hart stands at the forefront of Melbourne’s dance music scene.
Co-founder of the Melbourne Deepcast and Melbourne’s infamous Wax’o Paradiso disco party, Andy has also recently launched his own new imprint Voyage, where he will explore a fascination with space, the galaxy and how these themes have found their way into electronic music over the years.

Line-Up: San Soda, Andy Hart, Visa [Cliché Records], EL’SE [Acid Pony Club / Cliché Records], Clement Pony [Acid Pony Club], Thomas Diode
Visuals: Redscale Studios
Date : Friday, April 17th
Ticket: 80MB
Venue: Arkham, No.1 Wulumuqi Road, Shanghai


他们一起在Arkham的首晚!Acid Pony Club 和Cliché Records 非常高兴联合特殊嘉宾Andy Hart 与 外
滩Panorama酒吧常驻居民San Soda!

San Soda(WPH/外滩Panorama Bar常驻居民/比利时)

擅长US house和 techno(disco或electro)。San Soda在过去5年来一直进行全世界演出,从未停止。经常玩一些vinyl,最
完美的是他以自己独一无二的方式玩转旋转混合器。这位比利时出生,常在柏林的天才就像他警言慎行的态度一样,显示了他不可预见的DJ set,就像是由他多年精心
San Soda也是We Play House label的核心创始人之一,那里已经成为他发布textured ,analogue

Andy Hart (Voyage / Melbourne Deepcast / 澳洲)

自从推出两家厂牌,一个博客,众多品牌、派对,以及一系列与厂牌和来自世界各地的艺术家合作,Andy Hart已站在墨尔本舞曲的最前沿。
Melbourne Deepcast以及墨尔本臭名昭著的Wax’o Paradiso disco派对的核心创始人。Andy最近也推出了自己新
的imprint Voyage,多年来他一直探索一种迷幻空间,思考着如何将这些主题以他自己的方式放入音乐中。

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