FRIDAY - 1.5.2015

Strawberry Festival Afterparty | DIMENSION

DIMENSION is a feeling, an experience, a tour experienced through music, light, sound and entertainment. DIMENSION is not just an event, DIMENSION is more. DIMENSION是种感觉,是种经验,是种只有通过音乐才能感受到的经验,配以灯光,音效和娱乐活动。DIMENSION不只是个活动品牌,DIMENSION是更多…

DIMENSION offers space to the whole spectrum of techno music, ranging from the international top-of-the-class to local established protagonists. Exciting confirmations for the event’s first impression are the driving forces behind the Dutch Electronic Music Scene WARREN FELLOW and REMY . For these guys no introduction is needed, as they have flown all over the world for high profile gigs like Timewarp, Mysteryland and closing sets at world’s largest techno festival ‘Awakenings’. These two friends from the scene and masterminds behind the DIMENSION concept will take you on an all-night journey of fun and happiness.
DIMENSION向大家展示的就是 techno音乐,携手国际有名的艺人表演。首场将由荷兰电音届的风雨人物WARREN FELLOW 和 REMY。对于他们来说,不需要介绍,他们常飞到世界各地在著名活动上参演,如 Timewarp, Mysteryland 和世界上最大的 techno电子音乐节“Awakenings”。DIMENSION 主旨就是给人通宵达旦的乐趣和幸福。

Of course local DIMENSION heroes BB DENG (TW), SHEN YUE and KOBE CHEN will not be left out, making DIMENSION the quality techno experience Beijing is still missing. With a clear aim to keep on bringing innovative events, DIMENSION will be representing everything relating to the underground sounds and it will be presented in a way never seen before.

当地著名艺人也会在 DIMENSION 上献演,如BB DENG (台湾), SHEN YUE,和KOBE CHEN,会带给北京上海一个有质量的Techno活动。DIMENSION将会不断的为大家带来创意十足的活动,携手具有代表性的艺人,带给大家新鲜十足的体验。

Join the journey into the world of DIMENSION!

Warren Fellow (NLD)
Shen Yue
BB Deng (TW)

Location: ARKHAM, Shanghai 上海
Date: May 1st 5月1日
Price: Door 100 // 50RMB with Shanghai Strawberry ticket
票价: 现场票 100,上海草莓音节票根可50元入场
Time: 22:00 – 05:00

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