Friday - 5.6.15

S.T.D. Presents | MOON BOOTS [USA // DJ SET]

Like most people, sometimes we like it simple; we just like to feel good. We crave that quick respite from the gritty romp of daily life; the chance to kick back, smile, and unite in knowing that everything ain’t so bad after all. Well good news, we’ve got something that’s gonna hit the spot. Coming our way next is one of Earth’s grooviest guardians of feel-good tunes, Moon Boots.

Moon Boots is an American producer turned DJ who is also one of the smoothest and most refined remixers around. Representing the esteemed record label, French Express (they actually call themselves “protectors of the feel good”), Moon Boots weaves ultra-groovy R&B/Disco-infused House in a way so sexual and caressing that it plays like disco-in-the-clouds. Essentially all of his music, whether remixed or original, logically ends in dancing and smiles. Have a taste of his talent with “Love Strong” (original) or “The Mother We Share” (remix) to get yourself going.

When all is said and done, Moon Boots will likely be one of the funkiest house DJs to ever visit Arkham. He’ll provide a truly quality batch of underground boogie with the perfect garnish of womp, and as the Shanghai heat starts to rise, this set is our perfect gateway to summer. Come unprotected.

Time: Friday, June 5th
Venue: Arkham, 1 South Wulumuqi Road
Ticket: 80RMB // 60RMB if you follow S.T.D’s Wechat

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