Saturday - 6.6.15


Arkham is excited to announce that Beijing favourite DJ Wordy is heading back to the depths of Arkham with his popular Hot Pot series. Undoubtedly, Wordy has taken to the damp and gritty surroundings as he’s quickly becoming a regular and we wouldn’t want it any other way. On June 6th, he’s joined by an ensemble of top DJs and a very special guest in DJ Becareful (aka Sam Lee) making his debut appearance in our little club.

If you’re not acquainted with China’s top international DJ export, then you’ve either been living under a rock or spending your time in all the wrong places. Not only is he the only 3 x China DMC Champion but he also boasts releasing multiple records and collaborations, in particular under the moniker Wordysoulspeak (along side long time musical collaborator Soulspeak).

Unlike DJ Wordy, for the first time in Arkham, we’re proud to present DJ Becareful aka Sam Lee. You know someone’s a big deal when they have their own Wiki and for DJ Becareful, that’s only the tip of the iceberg. As an actor Sam Lee has been a prominent figure in Hong Kong cinema for almost 20 years. Dipping in all facets of creative exports, Sam also has a cutting edge street fashion label called Subcrew and sometimes raps for the HK rap crew Lazy Mutha Fucka (LMF)

Alongside DJ Wordy and DJ Becareful will be one of China’s top music selectors – Wes. Wes is a common name within the music channels as a party promoter, DJ and the host of the first hip hop/urban music show on radio which travels through out China airwaves. Completing the lineup will be local Hip Hop DJ HBD with his ever fine blends of beats, bass and jams.

Arkham invites you to come back downstairs to an action pack team of musical misfits and tastemakers for your listening pleasure.

Line-up: DJ Wordy, Wes Chen, HBD, DJ Becareful
Ticket: 100RMB
Venue: Arkham
Date: Saturday, June 6th

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