2015.1.7 WED.

S.T.D. Presents | AlunaGeorge [UK]

“S.T.D. Presents | AlunaGeorge [UK]

We’re starting the year off with a bang. Coming right at you.

S.T.D. have reeled in British electro-pop duo, AlunaGeorge, for a one-night stint in the underground. The pair will ascend Arkham’s throne on January 7th to curate a nightlong crusade of wonky song and dance.

AlunaGeorge are Aluna Francis and George Reid, two swiftly rising purveyors of England’s emerging future-pop brand. They’ve found enormous success with the release of their first EP, You Know You Like It, and their subsequent LP, Body Music. On top of their widespread album success, a top-notch Disclosure-collaboration last year and a string of incredible remixes have seen the London duo’s tunes raiding countless dancefloors around the world.

AlunaGeorge have perfected a sound that is familiar but unique. It’s tightly packaged and crisp, but at the same time gooey and unfettered. Somewhere between Aluna’s sugary vocal textures and George’s pleasantly off-kilter production, their pop aesthetic suggests the golden days of MTV reimagined.

Get set for this one and as always, come unprotected.

Support: R3 // YETI B // DONN
Doors Open: 9pm
Date: Jan 7th,Wednesday
Venue: ARKHAM, No.1 South Wulumuqi Road
Ticket: Pre-sale 180RMB , Door 250RMB

S.T.D. Hotline 021-62116317 12pm-7pm
S.T.D. Douban: www.douban.com/event/23293265/
Smart Ticket: www.smartshanghai.com/smartticket”

” S.T.D. 呈现 | AlunaGeorge [UK]

由Aluna Francis和George Reid组成的电子乐团AlunaGeorge来自英国伦敦,分别由Aluna Francis负责录音和歌词创作,George负责音乐编辑及特效合成。组队之前,二人已经展开各自的音乐生涯,积累不少经验。

创建四年,AlunaGeorge的音乐成已经夸张地占去网页的整个版面:卫报、MOBO分别评价AlunaGeorge为最值得期待的潜力音乐人,音乐网站All Music和Absolute Punk对他们的第一张专辑Body Music做出高度评价, BBC’s将他们列在 “”Brits Critics’ Choice””榜单中;与Disclosure合作的White Noise被Pitchfork评为2013年最佳单曲,并被Billboard选入2013年最佳20首单曲。

Aluna在2006年加入流行电子乐组合“My Toys Like Me“,天生好嗓音的她享受唱歌的过程,但是却不满乐队肤浅的歌词。在My toys like me的歌唱经历让她找到了自己的音乐宗旨”每一个从我嘴里唱出的歌词都要有意义“,她的创作风格受到Sammy Kahn 等old school作词人的影响。George有着天赋禀异的混音技巧,他的音乐张力十足。在他手下,节奏、鼓点、电流、特效温顺地臣服,任由他将它们粗暴地揉在一起,再随着性情改变流动的弧度。2009年,George与My toys like me合作Sweetheart的混音制作,第一次遇见ALuna。尽管二人来自不同的音乐背景,相同音乐追求的他们一见如故,组队之后这种默契愈发明显,从硕果累累的成就一览无余。

Aluna在接受采访的时候说“We hit on a way of doing pop that was our own” ,低沉的伦敦腔里透露着理所当然,他们对内容和品质的高标准气势汹汹宣誓着,一定要在流行曲干出点不一样的东西。

Support: R3 // YETI B // DONN
9: 00 pm

S.T.D. Hotline 021-62116317 12pm-7pm
S.T.D. Douban: douban.com/event/23293265/
Smart Ticket : www.smartshanghai.com/smartticket”

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